August 3, 2013 Saturday

It’s already started off exciting around here.  As I was watching my furbabies do their thing in the front yard, I saw a raccoon sneaking into the side yard ever so quietly.  Not one of my “kids” noticed him, even Jesse who hears/sees every blade of grass move and chases every squirrel half up the tree and screams so loudly, that his voice can be heard a block away… he’s my siren pup.  The babies in strollers wave at him, smiling and he hushes, as they laugh and giggle.  He enjoys it!  Gotta love ’em.  How this raccoon got past him, I’ll never know!  That critter will be coming in the doggy door soon … darn … I just hate being invaded!  I’ve been told there is a coyote around here killing cats too.  A friend/neighbor behind us, just found her LARGE cat bitten in two.  I am positive I am still close to downtown Dallas but it sounds like I moved to the country from all this wildlife activity.  I’m not really close to a lake, about 3-4 miles to White Rock Lake which is real pretty now.   (My stepfather) George’s Mom n Dad used to have a house that faced it.  I thought their place beautiful… I miss her. He worked for GM as a high ranking Dist Mgr covering 1/4 of the USA for many years until he retired and commited suicide.  I have that hand-carved bed he was in with the bullet hole and skull fragments embedded.  My George never heard from the woman he married after his Mom passed from heart failure.  I remember that gal was working at a dime store in Dallas when they met and he got drunk at party, where Joe (his other son was also there) overheard him saying that “as soon as his old lady died, he was marrying this here beauty”.  He had brought her to the party.  He did and regretted it so much it killed him.  She took him for everything she could get.  George and Joe got almost nothing that their mother (Frances) intended them to inherit.  She had real, OLD money and he’d been living off her…  George was so proud of the heirloom that came from his mother’s family from England.  That’s enough on that for an early morning.


Son has injured his knee.  Stepped off the end of a truck bed and his knee bent backward instead of forward.  Swollen and painful.  He wrapped it in an ACE bandage, elevated, and off to the Aleve, again…. I pray he doesn’t have a hole in his stomach from all taking this stuff.  His arthritic body just about never stops hurting him from the school injury, 3+yrs ago.  I sincerely wish I’d been able to get him to attorney at the time to sue.  BUT, Lori was telling him what to do and that I was crazy….she was driving him nuts… 15-20+ calls/texts a day would have sent me to the funny farm … besides being in my face. Her advice cost him a lot of money!!  He’s asked me about disability again, but when I had him fill out the forms, talk to their doctor, they denied him, and he just got angry.  She was still texting/calling then too.  If he’ll try again, he may get SSDI, not sure, at this point.  He has to listen but he stays in such pain that the only way he can hear is to stay moving … or be sedated, which his PC won’t do.  They tell him to learn to live with it….  Others who’ve worked at GISD, got hurt, got done the same way as he, tell him to just find another job and live with the pain – Chit happens.  I DO NOT RECOMMEND GarlandISD as a safe place to work.  They carry concealed weapons/guns, will threaten you, lie about it, and physically hurt you on the job.  Many are huge bullies.  My son was so thrilled to get the job but so hurt emotionally when being refused his report of injury so he’d be covered by WC.  NOT ONE person stood up for him even though he worked in the best interest of the Garland ISD school system for 4 years.  He’d gotten a job offer at a Dealership shortly after leaving GISD, who knew he’d been hurt.  He filled out the paperwork and when he went to turn it in, he was told NAW, we can’t hire you.  Seems the prior Supervisor had called them off the record to keep him from working in Garland.  He did that a lot, so now my son works MOBILE as an Independent Businessman. Jobs are few and far between, for what his body will allow him to do.  He keeps trying, like I’ve taught him.  My IRA/SS keeps us afloat.  Brian, Transportation Dept VP, told me good luck but he’s also the one who told son to just sign a resignation and everything will be ok.  I said they were bullies.  When my son worked at GISD, the Supervisor could never be found when needed, but now, he’s calling everywhere that he’s no business calling.  Seems he has lots of relatives working everywhere, in Human Resources or Personnel to prevent my son from getting a job.  No matter where, if any place my son gets a job, he’ll be made miserable, due to this supervisor’s anger.  This is unlawful.  This is due to WC’s write up.  They verified son was hurt approximately the time stated while working at GISD and stated supervisor’s lack of follow-up as negligence in supervisor doing his job so they denied WC coverage.  This was put in Supervisor’s permanent folder.


I’m going for more coffee – I need a picker upper


Have good day


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