July 30, 2013 Tuesday

It’s been a very rough several days for my son.  With the stalker calling/texting to upset him and his body hurting.  He’s been pushing himself in this triple digit heat. trying to etch out a living as a Independent businessman, which is very hard…


The plumbing is finished.  exH said he’d help pay for it but as of right now, I’ve not seen a penny from him.  He’s the one who broke the water pipe in the den that began all the leaking that corrodied the pipes and lines all the way to the outside … gads, he was destructive while he was here.  Showed son how to kick doors when he got pissed off too.   My den looks like a battle field.  I really got a good belly laugh when exH said recently he didn’t begrudge me the money I got from the divorce … hello? it was for repairs, you idiot!  He did the same thing to his first wife but she had to file for bankruptcy… she’s still asking him for money saying she can’t work now.  I listened to him whine about her for 14 years so when he starts that now, I say shut up or leave….


My plumber was telling me he knew people who could repair my den to “beautiful” quickly.  Just $200/week & in about a month it would be finished as they’d work 6 hours a day.  I told him what I’d spent on the roof in there and about the cleaning lady.  After I go on regular SS, maybe I’ll ask about his team … I’m thinking about it.  I have called the “tree guy” for those limbs that son cut, to protect the house.  Need to get them carried off so we can walk around the back yard easier – it is packed right now.  Son had to move his stuff for working behind the fence to keep Code people off his back.  Since leaving GISD, all kinds of creature people have surfaced to give him trouble.  He works MOBILE and shouldn’t be bothering him!  Got the new cameras to install so we can SEE who is on our property and tape them or print out their pictures now, for the Police.


I also received my B Complex off the internet.  Seems my doctor office is so packed they can’t even keep appointments.  They sch’d 3 in the same timeframe so we wait 2 hrs for follow-ups.  I hate that.  Makes me feel like a second-hand piece of dirt.  They’ve not refilled my diabetes meds and today was my last pill.   Son has the same PC and last time he needed meds, waited 2 hours, wasn’t seen, had to leave without his RXs being refilled…. they didn’t charge him the office call but said he needed to re-schd.  This is ridiculous planning on their behalf.  I have never even met this doctor!  it is run by young Doctor Assistants who barely speak English.  My Cardiologist recommended I change my diabetic med and these DAs say no, no one else has an issue with this one…. what can I say?  I’m caught in the middle but I believe the doctor with a lot more education than a DA repeating what a DO says.  I may have to change my PC, again, but hate to leave son with this one, just in case he needs some clout.  Come Oct, when open enrollment happens, I plan on doing that for son since I’m the one paying for his insurance.  Things may change for the good, I hope.  I’m paying for a policy that pays out practically nothing but to listen to them sell the policy is a different story altogether.


BamBam’s coughing seems to be improving with the Diagnotician’s meds which cost me dearly.  exH hasn’t donated a penny toward any of this but promised.  Man never kept his word – another reason to tell him to leave my house…. (his visits now are as a witness of what son is doing, just in case he needs it.)


I’m feeling irritable too as my body suffers from this heat.  I need the bushes cut and the neighbor’s tree who won’t cut his himself or take care of it by someone.  I have one too that needs trimming.  That neighbor tried to talk to me the other day, probably to TELL me to cut the trees as he’s done in the past.  I get really tired of him using me … he’s a leech with an enormous smile for all the ladies.  A real Dandy Dan type.  When his sick tree fell on my house, a few years ago, I’d warned him about that happening, but he just laughed.  When it did, he came over in the middle of the night to tell me “a tree is on your house” but he never did cover my damages.  Allstate, my ins co, refused to sue him.  He’s been laughing at me ever since…. If anything ever happens to his place due to my fault, I swear I’m claiming NO FAULT and keeping my money – has worked for him over the years.  When exH lived here, he’d just tell me to shut up and use the CC, he’d help me pay it come payday but that day never seemed to come, and my ins premiums went sky high.  I really dislike being SCREWED blue, and tattooed.


I’m feeling really tired and trying to think of a happy tune as I call Walgreen’s to check on that refill of Metformin that the doctor was to arrange a refill for me a few weeks ago.  Answer service at doctors office.  Walgreens says they’ve sent 4 requests in the past 2 weeks…. I’ve been in the doctor’s office since then and made sure I told them I’d need that med soon and was assured not to worry, they’d take care of it.  The doctor’s office hasn’t gone bankrupt that I know of so no reason to ignore me … guess they need a walk-in for a Prescription but I’ve been told they don’t do that too.  Now, my head hurts.  This is ridiculous …


and the vacuum cleaner belt broke.


I’m going to bed.  Enough is enough.


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