July 28, 2013 Sunday

Good morning to all on this crisp and cool, refreshing start of a day in Dallas … it’s a really nice temperature here!
Today I can start all the water messy cleaning up cause the pipes are in, and finished. We’re waiting for the concrete to dry to put the fire bricks back in place. I decided to ask Alex to help load that couch and side couch onto our trailer for Goodwill as a donation so the room isn’t so full. The roof will have to have help so this is a good start to clearing it out. There’s a wonderful over-stuffed chair and the futon in there, that’s plenty besides that huge desk. The day will come when that back bathroom gets water connections again…. praise the Lord. AND, my IRA won’t be empty. exH bought us pizza last night but didn’t offer a penny toward the plumber costs, in fact, didn’t even ask “how much did you spend?” after saying last week he’d help. Just like his ways in the old days. I sure hope he coughs up money to help as it was expensive, quite a bit due to his actions. This fix/replacement will outlast me and my son. Maybe I should put the date in the concrete before it dries. For the waterline, I had him put in heavy duty copper. Ruby was kind enough to share her experience with SSD about her being changed over from SSD to regular SS at 66 so I look forward to my letter coming soon also. exH had been telling me I would have to wait another year and for me to just find a job that paid CASH quick. I kept telling him I cannot – I am DISABLED and that requires ability to do. DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND my disabilities? he kept repeating himself to do something for cash. I almost screamed at him. He frustrates me so much with his repeating and insisting his way is the only way! I’ve told him to go home a few times when he wouldn’t listen to me cause it throws me into mild stuttering seizures and facial freezes which he doesn’t even notice. He never did. Just kept telling me to “service him” as if I were an animal. That was when I told him to get out. My face twitches just writing about it…
Yesterday had a few more surprises.  Verdell, my oldest male Brussells Griffon, who loves everyone, went running to say hello to Alex the plumber and fell into the sewer trench.  What a loud scream he has!  Haven’t heard that in years!  He wasn’t hurt but … that’s was a little nasty.  Verdell talked and fussed the entire day about it.  I did have trouble getting him to bed.  He’s probably sore but since he walked around and pottied just fine, I saw no reason for any meds.  I hope it was just pride of not seeing the hole!  He does have a minor cataract on one eye.  Alex laughed quite a bit and went after him so he wasn’t there very long and petted to relieve the anxiety and shock.  The trench is filled and concrete is down now.  As I’ve said before, Verdell is my escape artist!
I finally took the hair rollers out after them being there for 3 days. No matter how stressful all this got, my hair stayed out of my face and didn’t tickle. LOL, it looks nice now. I had planned to go out to dinner with son, for his birthday, but Uncle n all took him to lunch and I got the plumbers, and an hour, online working doing a few surveys. Seems to be my life’s story. I work for a living. yeah, that’s me. Will someone do me a favor and be sure that’s on my urn? “This woman never questioned GOD and worked honestly for a living all her earthly life” is the truth of it … enough boohooing and pity me stuff.
Off to fix something in the kitchen, probably cornflakes, which can be used to make bread also. Just crush, don’t need much sugar at all. Heloise had all kinds of suggestions of substitution ideas! just love knowing that stuff if you don’t have tons of money to run to the grocery store every few minutes. Rice Krispies will sub too.  Groceries are something that we’re going to be VERY short of for awhile around here but we’ll be able to FLUSH … LOL
Have a wonderful day.
Be kind to each other as we may spend eternity together … that’s a long time!
On a clear day, you can see forever …

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