July 27, 2013 Saturday

G’d morning to all –
I have plumbers in the den, working away. I think my teeth are tingling to the sounds of their drilling the concrete slab … he told me it would take 2-3 days. exH came last night, to hold down the chair in front of the TV awhile and have me make him nachos … Uncle called son about 11:15PM scaring the dickens outta us, just to tell son Happy Birthday. They’re taking him out to Golden Corral today while I work on/off and be here for plumbers so I’m sending my camera as I’ve not seen any of them for years. Nor do they call me. They only call son when they want something. It’s nice they remember him on his BD. I feel better about them now. He was thrilled, and I was pleased. Life is improving.  exH was leaving and said he’d try to get by before I went to work (?). Maybe to drop off some money to assist in paying plumbers? when we were married he’d always say “just put it on the card and I’ll give you something extra for it on payday” but then, he never did. I know why his first wife had to file for bankruptcy after their divorce! He puts his money in HIS savings and lives off everyone, saying he’s broke…. I think he re-uses toilet paper! he’s never at his place so his utilities are never ON! oh well … since he lost his “best friend” who’d been the one telling him how to cope with everything, he’s acted real strange so I guess he’s looking to me for advice now. How about that? First rule is shut up about the past… look to the future, that’s a good beginning cause nothing can be changed that has happened so learn from it and take a step into living it.
Off into my future I go today … maybe by tomorrow my sewer line will be finished. That’ll be worth a celebration  …
Molded eyeballs? I can understand that … Clear Eyes can help that condition, thank goodness.
Be well everyone – be kind.  GOD listens and watches everything we do, even if you think HE’s busy!


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