July 26, 2013 Friday

What an exciting world we live in!


Yesterday, I got an email from the guy I sold that Dark Knight Rises to a couple of days ago.  I won it on Listia.com & after considerable hassles with THAT person on Listia about not receiving it for almost 2 weeks, it got here and I’d bought it on eBay so I didn’t even do anything except take it out of the envelope!  I never looked to see if it had 2 DVDs (Blu-ray/DVD & digital).  The guy at eBay is bent outta shape saying I falsely advertised the thing.  He’s really bent out of shape.  I’ve gone back to Listia.com to complain about that seller because he gave me such a nasty time, calling me a scammer and liar.  He raised a high stink…. I never watched this nor did I open it.  The eBay guy is saying it was pryed open and the Blu-ray disk is missing.  egads…. From the outside, what I saw, it didn’t look abused and he is wanting to send the package back to me and get a full refund.  He could be just keeping the Blu-ray.   I’ve sent on a complaint to Listia.com.  I talked with eBay who said I could contest him at the end of the month.  The money paid to me for this package won’t be in my account until Aug 10 so I’m not comfortable about this at all !!


The plumber just called and is on the way to work on the collapsed line in the den.  This is going to be noisy.  It’s under the concrete slab.  David had pulled his two 3.000 lbs tool chests into the den to get them out of the weather and out of his friend’s garage.  He wanted them near him although he never went into them.  THUS, it cost me the plumbing and den floor.  Since he’s been coming over, he said he’d offer to help pay for this.  I do hope he keeps his word.  He didn’t in the past.


Son got his motor in his work truck, finally.  Says his a/c isn’t quite up to par yet.  SO, there’s some fine tuning to be done, plus, son got his CERTIFICATION to carry so he feels so much safer to go where he wants and not fret about someone robbing him or threatening HIM.  GISD had a lot of people who carried, but most don’t know that, especially the Police.  They don’t have metal detectors there, yet.  That place scared him with their insane talk while he just tried to be really good at his job.


We’ve not heard from Lori lately and son is so pleased he’s ready to dance!  Maybe the Police have her in custody…. that’s where she should be.  She harassed Uncle Oliver so much he had a heart attack and she sent son a text saying it was his fault.


btw,  BamBam has had ONE day of not needing the cough syrup since January’s facial surgery which was to help her see better.  I believe they collapsed her trachea but she is surviving.


Well, off I go to make the ice tea which I know my plumber loves.


Be well, be safe, and let GOD be kind to you.


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