July 22, 2013 Monday

It’s Monday alright.

Yesterday, that short section of sewer line in the den, under the concrete slab, collapsed.  Well, doesn’t that just make your day?  As if I needed a challenge… I had a full day scheduled to work on/off, 30 minute blocks taking calls at my call center.  exH came to the door to visit, yelling at the top of his lungs, ARE YOU HOME? as if he didn’t remember I worked weekends mostly…. I put the brain-dead customer on hold a second a yelled back, I AM ON THE PHONE< BE THERE IN A MINUTE!  the dogs were all barking hello to him… gosh, what a mess I have around here now.  He was here a few minutes and suddenly rushed out when he saw the toilets weren’t working.  He’d drank two bottles of Citrus Mag to make his bowels move.  That would be a hospital trip!  I can’t believe he did that, but that’s how he thinks…  Son didn’t feel like seeing him and didn’t want to talk.  We just dug as we could.  We got about 2 ft down and played out.  No sight of the line yet.  Both of us nearly sick.  It’s black gumbo soil.  I called Alex, our plumber, who came out to look and see what he could do.  He ran the camera and is trying to find someone to dig it out as cheap as possible.  exH came back later to say he wants to know what it will cost, as he will help.  hummm, that’s fair since he broke the slab moving his 3 ton tool chests into the den in the first place….he also broke the water line back there with them and had to cut the water line to back side of the house, ie, the back bath room and the back yard.  He was a danger zone to me.  I almost died having him around me.  When he moved out, HE ALMOST died from his medical knowledge caring for himself.  He thinks he’s real smart.  I’m sure he’s not.  He seems to be hanging on to us like glue now.  More out of wanting intelligent family, than anything because there’s no way he’s getting near me again.  He’s impressed I am still alive after talking to others about what happened to me.  AND, he’s now amazed his youngest son is alive and I was the first to get him help with his brain tumor as both he, & his exW, called me crazy, but the kid is alive today and otherwise, would not be.

BamBam is still dependent on the meds from the Diagnostician to control the coughing.  I wrote to the AKC info people about the collapsed trachea damage to ask questions.  They seem to think it a hereditary question I asked, hummm, that was not what I asked about.  I’m not sure why I am getting so many people from another planet lately to answer me when I thought I was clearly stating my questions!  It must be the moon stage I am stuck in presently.  Give it a little while and that too will change then communications will improve.  For BamBam’s sake, I pray it will improve.

While at my favorite chat site, I made a comment about the watching for Kate to have her baby.  I’d said she was a lovely girl and had pretty features without the large nose that Diana had and so many other Brits seem to have.  I’ve never been to Brittain.  I’ve just watched some TV like Benny Hill and such.  Well, a newby to the site went ballistic and practically attacked me.  A Moderator jumped in asked me if I felt ok.  Well, no I don’t.  My chest/head/shoulders are killing me, and my breathing is labored.  The stress is beyond words, not to mention a kid with a chip on her shoulders wanting to do a pissing contest with me in public.  Hello?  is anyone using their brain here this morning?  No, I guess not.  I blocked the newbie kid and knowing the MOD, may be blocked myself even though I’ve got a lot of years behind my belt there with over 5,000 ok posts to my credit.  I have a find Brit neighbor who is coming to look at doing this sewer job and is extremely nice so the newbie is a jerkoff just looking for a fight.  I’m not sure why the MOD didn’t jump on her.  I do tend to speak my mind, but that’s just me.  I don’t go out of my way to hurt people.

I chatted with a new psychic this morning for a few minutes.  He was quite quick.  I think he may be on target and did describe me without my giving him any info but my name/birthday/and location.  Impressive.  I will feel better when his things come to pass.  I am going to live through all this stress and so will my dog.  My son will be happier by October and the stalker will serve time for doing all the crap she has done to us.  The case (she created) for son will be dismissed soon so his stress will be dissolved.  He’ll be falling in love soon with a very nice gal that I will like.  My home will get in order and I will be happy by the first of next year.  Hallelujah … I’m in cesspool with plumbers coming and water running to clear out as much as possible.  At least, it is good fertilizer.


May your day improve and GOD walk with you too.



update: I am pleased to announce the Moderators came to my rescue from the newbie idiot. This is a first… A few of my friends made very nice comments telling her to hush also, that she was too young to understand, being emotionally sensitive, and taking things the wrong way. They also said, we’re older folks, talking to older folks, not kids anymore. She got told off, first by me, then by them …. I blocked her, the twit. Then took more of my meds to help with my physical pain. The plumbers haven’t called yet, but my son’s motor is ready and he forgot his dental appointment this morning. Didn’t surprise me…. I would have too.


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