July 19, 2013 Friday

good morning to everyone!


I wish we had that zucchini here that a friend was mentioning is growing in abundance at her place, out of state.  It’s been so hot the little plants can’t take it and just fall over, shriveling, before much of the flower can do anything.  I’ve tried to help them along, to no avail.  I love fried squash n such using shortening, a dash of salt n lots of pepper.  Well, those were the good old days.


Son’s motor is to be ready today so he’s a happy camper and has had time to heal from the workout he got on the locked up one.  I reported them to the City for scamming people and false advertising.  They knew what they did was wrong.  I remember some of bio-dad’s comments & Mom’s family living in that area, both saying don’t go there … but, son didn’t ask me prior to his purchase.  I pray the rebuild from Blain’s is as great as they usually do and son will have many years of service out of this work truck.

BamBam is still coughing about the same but without the meds, I am sure it would be a death sentence of only a few months.  I have not returned the call to the surgeon who did the facial surgery and started this coughing – I am sure I wouldn’t be courteous this time.  I am the one listening/treating a 24/7 cough that wasn’t there prior to him. 


My plan today is keep busy.  Yesterday I did try to cut some bushes back – was out there a whopping 30 min before the heat got to me & I got all light headed.  The furbabies and I came inside, son continued to cut limbs.  I try to do some trimming everyday.  I think someone poured RapidGrow on my property!  it’s almost a jungle … with blooms already!  exH is still saying he’ll help when he can but I feel sure he’s full of HOT AIR until he arrives WHEN we’re in the yard actually DOING… I’ve watched him enough from a sick bed, I know him by now.  I am so glad he doesn’t live here anymore and his visits can decrease at any time.  I think he comes here while his own place is cooling off – he’ll turn off a/c units during the day, then turn them on FULL BLAST upon coming home.  In Texas, that’s not efficient.  Shortens the life of the unit and makes your utility bill go sky high.  Son tells me he’s desperate to stay near me.  OMG


Going for more coffee, bbl.


Be well, play nice and most of all, be graceful – we’re God’s children, make HIM proud! 0


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