July 18, 2013 Thursday

It’s still raining in Dallas, Texas.  Some softly, some really hard, drowning the worms type.  My area has been taking a pounding!  Everything is soaked.

Son has been trying to exchange his work truck motor out with one he bought, guaranteed to run, they said it had been tested and did run for them.  After his working under a tent, to stay out of the weather, and hours later, he got it in, only to find it locked up, NOT WILLING to run at all.  It had been overheated and ruined.  He called them.  They said bring it back and they’d give him CREDIT.  CREDIT? wow, was he upset.  That was $500 he hadn’t been prepared to just throw away like that.  He took his old motor to Blaine’s, who rebuilds motors and it will be done by Friday.  Another $650, but when they say GUARANTEED, they mean just that.  They are proven.  The bad guys are Choose “N Cruise, Dowdy Ferry Rd, Dallas TX and I reported them to the City of Dallas, hoping they do something about this scam.  Thinking of the Better Business but know well enough that people PAY to be in that.  A Small Claims court may be in order because he doesn’t want to go business with them anymore and I can’t blame him.  Son has spent so much energy trying to get this truck in great running shape, just for business … how sad is this? and they have been so crooked!  surely someone cares about the honest man.

I’ve got some DVDs on eBay that aren’t moving nor have any bids been placed.  I hope to sell them soon.  They’re ones I won on bids on listia.com in a group auction, watched once, or were “just found” in my library and had gotten tired of.  All still good DVDs but don’t want anymore.  Looking forward to selling them.  Selling prices on eBay have increased over the years I’ve noticed.

I have another doctor appointment later this morning.  I received a letter saying my blood-work is abnormal again.  Those letters always scare me.  Since the rain started, my arthritis hurts really bad too.  I smell like BenGay but I am taking all the meds available for pain.  I am thinking of calling the Glen Lakes Ortho Clinic for shots to help.  Those are painful but the long-term benefits I remember were beneficial.  I miss the occasional Hydrocodene but this doctor doesn’t prescribe it for pain.  Wants to send me to a psychiatrist for that.  I don’t understand why.  Maybe I need to send him a copy of the accident report or he needs to go to school for more education.  He’s a D.O. and that probably explains it – he’s limited to what he can prescribe by the AMA.

ExH was here for awhile last night, again.  I was hoping he could help calm son, who took this motor thing pretty well.  I got an earful about his mother who passed several years ago from Alzheimers.  His attitude of women is “just a piece of tail” … no wonder I’ve such a low opinion of him.  He’s a pig with no hope of refinement… sot in his ways.  That’s why he was so abrasive to me, and (literally) shit in the bed, too lazy to get up and go to the bathroom.  My life went downhill from there.  I’ve been clawing my way up ever since….

I’m in the market for a yard cleanup person now.  I have limbs and such everywhere from these storms.  I can barely walk and son has been terribly busy.

We’ve found serious key scratches down the side of our vehicles which I am sure Lori made because she’s angry I got Police to force her to leave us alone.  Sociopaths don’t take lightly to the word NO.  We found she harassed Uncle and his wife so much it put him in the hospital with a heart attack which Lori texted son saying son had caused.  We were sure otherwise was true.  Uncle has never been one to call us much unless he wanted us to do something for HIM.  We aren’t close, but he’s always been a silly, partying type guy and thought she’d meet someone and leave son alone.  That didn’t happen, but she seems to never sleep and rarely works.  I did get her hours running around minimized to working IN their store instead.  She had been taking advantage of the delivering to “harass time” also.  She has a network of people to watch son when he’s in Garland now and seem to call Police to monitor his phone because his phone will go dead if he’s in that area for long, even if just for parts, and seen.  He used to have quite a few customers but they’ve upset him so much and loss of communications makes it a waste of his time.  Besides the attempts of being robbed a few times.  It’s just a dangerous area.  He knows their policemen treat people as guilty FIRST until proven innocent as he’s been there.  Lori had told him his prior Supervisor (who had a grudge on him) had put out a hit on him so when he pulled over the school truck, he was not on school grounds and thought it was Supr driving his own company truck and wanted to ask about that.  Not harm him, just ask.  Most Supr & Mgmnt at GISD carry guns, did you know that?  The police don’t know it.  Lots of secrets around there.  Only some of the truth came out when the police closed that case saying the school told a different version after being investigated.  They just wanted to hurt my son, again.  Jealousy is a nasty kick-ass.  They started getting mean to him when he began his ASE courses and Eddie came back to working there.  Tom, the upline, is his Father-in-law, and doesn’t handle pressure well – he may have dementia or Alzheimers.  But, that’s just my opinion from being called at home at least once a week asking who’s here.  THIS school really needs to clean house because the children’s safety is at risk – these guys keep those buses running!

Well, in another couple of months, I’ll be turning 66.  That sounds like a lot to me, but I don’t feel old.  I don’t look old.  Just my body aches from all the beatings and abuse it has taken.  I can remember enjoying rainy days at many points in my life, but now, I dread them, because I know they bring pain, all over.  Nothing will relieve that except sleep if I can get any.  The neighborhood is busy with people jogging and walking their dogs so that is out of the question to ask for quiet.  At night, I awake off/on all during the night.  Rest is not something that comes easily anymore.  My mind seems to race even with meds to help.  Exercise to wear me out does just that and brings on more pain.  It’s depressing.  One day I will find something that settles this and I will find comfort and still be on earth.  I am sure of it.  I’m not stupid, and am curious in natural healings.

This morning, BamBam woke me up, coughing was wreching her body, while she tried to sleep.  I got her meds and woke her up to give them to her.  I am so afraid she’s in danger of dying from this.  The Diagnostician seems to try not to say those words but I “feel” them.  He did say COPD and acute Bronchitus.  I do not believe overnight suddenly once can develop this as she has done.  It started in Jan when I picked her up from a facial surgery done to help her see better.  The cough was from the anaesthesia, I was told, and should stop shortly.  It hasn’t and this is 7 months later…. Needless to say, I won’t be going back for the rest of the cataract surgery with him.   She won’t be having any surgery till this cough is gone, if it is ever.  I don’t want her to die!  Her regular vet claims it is nothing to worry about.  Something tells me he is almost blank in the brain … or is just thinking of the money he’ll get.  Either way almost got him slapped.  I’m not a violent person but she is MY family and it’s time to stop trusting.

Well, I’m off to see if anyone is awake at the chat site I visit.  Those gals are a hoot.  Lovely personalities usually.  Some get all hyper on some topics so I stay clear of a few subjects but otherwise, no problems.  We don’t talk politics but do talk family, money, food, etc, like sisters.  We’re friends so no one is alone as long as the internet works.  We don’t use the cams/voice as most of us hide or don’t have the extras.  We’re just people reaching out.  It’s mostly people looking for part time jobs, helping each other hear about the most recent ones and we do share info like that.  If a place is good or bad, and we share the experience.  I like the part of it being family oriented.  Like sitting for coffee and chatting.  In my opinion, it keeps the brain working … we always end our posts with a mini prayer for all, just like we did as kids at camp.  I like that.  It’s uplifting and brings out the best in us. I enjoy reminding my friends that God is always, and humor is the best medicine.

Happy Trails to you, until we meet again,


May the Lord walk with you today … even if you must wear golashes





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