July 17, 2013 Wednesday

We’ve found scratches on our car and truck made by someone viciously walking beside them, just using their key to make a statement.  They can’t be buffed out, they are so deep.  We also found out last night, the Uncle who wouldn’t return our call, has been in the hospital from being harassed by Lori, my son’s stalker from the past 3+  years.  She’s definitely made a statement in our lives.  Uncle barely lived through her aggressive pushiness.  It almost put my Aunt into a stroke.  They thought she was coming because we’d sent her, duh, no we didn’t nor ever would.  Just another of Lori’s lies.  She had just kept hanging on to son and went along with, meeting everyone son knew, son didn’t tell them to call the Police on her, if she harassed them.  He saw Uncle’s truck on the way to the ER, broken down with a flat tire and stopped to help, not realizing positively it was Uncle, until he got closer.  After several days in hospital, he is going to be ok now.  Lori is a tornado of hazards, ruining people’s lives, who would otherwise be just fine.  When are the Police going to corral her since she doesn’t take “go away, stay away, I don’t want you in my life, STOP” but gets vicious instead?  She has been reported to them in Dallas, but Garland PD seem to be protecting her and trying to lay it all off on my son!  (She had been telling DPD she lived at my home! which they finally told me about) She is the core and a sociopath.  After finally getting DPD to remove her from my property and keep her away from my home, I find she’s looking for a gun…. she told them she could be anywhere/any place SHE wants and they can’t stop her.
We’ve found out recently why son didn’t get the job at the Dealership he’d been told about and had been told to come apply, we need you, shortly after leaving GISD.  They knew he’d been hurt and said that won’t be a problem.  Eddie (the ex-supervisor) had relatives working there, so apparently he called them and put in his opinion after finding Worker’s Comp Report on his ability to do his job (which was terrible from their opinion after he refused to write up the report of injury of son on the job and they had proof he got hurt).  Eddie’s performance report was exceptionally horrible so he had a grudge against son and he used his family connections to be sure son didn’t get the job at the dealership in Garland, in fact, anytime son is in Garland, son is harassed if he is there for over a few minutes, by Mexican/American persons, which is what Lori and Eddie are.  They have their networking crew working overtime, watching for him.  Son did have a nice group of clients in Garland whose vehicles he repaired and the network had kept him busy with small jobs but now, due to the harassment, it has about dried up.  The Garland police quelched some too.  They took the attitude “guilty until proven innocent”.  That is just wrong and against all of the Constitution of America.  After this, I tend to vote stronger to close ALL our borders and stop letting anyone in for free green cards, and a free ride to do more of this to us. SEND THEM BACK TO THEIR OWN COUNTRY NOW>  I’ve sent letters to my Congressman/Senator about this behavior and pray it helps us get justice instead of only forcing us get an attorney to clear our name when this should never have happened in the first place.  In this case, the Garland Police protected the bullies and re-injured the innocent.  My son is still suffering the spasms.
It’s a rough day for me.  My 95 year old friend is ill.  Afraid of her illness her (epileptic sick) daughter won’t give her the details that the doctor said.  My car has been scratched badly. My dog is real sick from a mangled surgery begun to help restore her sight. The roof leaks and almost every roofer I’ve had out to make an estimate just caused more damage.  My arthritis is seriously hurting and the meds aren’t working – I almost can’t walk, again…. the good news is I am still and WILL do something about all this, starting with a B-Complex shot, today.
God gives us TODAY, the rest is up to us to do with as we choose.  I want mine to be a happy, healthy one.  Use yours wisely … there might not be a tomorrow.

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