July 15, 2013 Monday

Good day to all !


I am still enjoying the pitty-patter of soft rain and 70 degrees here, but my roof is not.  What a nice treat in temperature change!  the roofers I’ve had out to repair only jumped up n down causing more to repair so I stopped calling.  I pray for a miracle. I have no clue why it is a normal thing for repairmen to consider it normal to take advantage of the disabled.


Son changing out his work truck motor with the major help of his super heavy duty hoist.  He’s sore as all get out but with time on his side, it is happening. (son sold his small puddle-jumper car to a lady in dire need, so he used that money wisely) The prior truck owner (Lori’s brother) abused the truck seriously so it was time.  The truck even had broken motor mounts.  No wonder it had never run just right nor had the power it should have had!  I am so impressed how far my son has come with his knowledge since seeing him crawl … but kids do grow up.  I guess I am getting old (er) …


I sense I may have found a control of BamBam’s cough problem – at this time it’s just meds, but at least, there’s a nice silence in the house and I’m not fretting so much that she’ll drop over dead from heart failure.  She comes to me, asking for the cough med.  Gotta love her!  She’s exhausted, from that coughing for 7 months, too.  I am so pleased I can do something right for her and she says thank you to me for any help at this point!  guilt is a bietch …


I’ve not much planned today but prayer and puttering around with small errands.  I like MG’s plan… but I am going to stay nearby son, just in case of back spasms in him.  I don’t tell him I noticed him walking crooked, but, one never knows when help is needed when the body spasms put you on the ground.  I have had them do that to me.  He has also, since being hurt on the job at GISD, over 3 years ago.  With time and patience, he is healing. A Chiro helps sometimes.  I act like a bird and just look in … for safety reasons.  (I admire women with lots of kids, how they can keep up with all the activities and keep count is a real feat!)  Today would be a good fishing day because fish would be biting.  Flashing lights and soft patter of rain bring them to the top, they’re curious little critters.  MG, I hope you have fun and be sure to wear a hat, sunburn happens easily!


May everyone feel the blessings and love being sent by God and enjoy the happy sprinkles because you know, HE intends us to enjoy our time on earth. 

Let it be. 


Share a smile, even if it is just with your pet!  XOXO



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