July 14, 2013 Sunday

Today I am very thankful for the soft patter of rain.  It is also calming.  It’s been in triple digits for weeks and the lawn is crispy.  I’ve been trying to save on all the utility bills to keep bill downs so I can take my beloved BamBam to the Vet for help ever since the surgery mess-up last January that started her 24/7 coughing constantly.  That has been so rough on her, I feel it will wear out her little heart way too soon.  With expensive meds, it is helping.  Thank God.


I just got the news I won a bid on Listia for “what Dreams May Come”.  It has sentimental value to me.  It’s one that George went to see with me.  I’ve liked Robin Williams for a long time.  This movie is a real tear-jerker though.  He does a fine job but it is an emotional love story.  I saw it not long before George passed from pancreatic cancer.  I miss him.  He was not only my stepfather of 47 years but my friend.  Not a perfect man, but he tried to be a good friend above all else.  I respected him.  He had a wonderful sense of humor and a kind heart.  Marine Staff Sgt with honors in marksmanship.  He holds a special place in my heart, and always will.  Mom has her own spot.


A few days ago, as we were moving our vehicles around out front of the house, we noticed someone has been scraping the street with something metal under my son’s truck.  We feel there has been an attempt to steal the truck.  It is an antique now.  Son does love that truck and it does run well.  I tried to get him to report it to the Police but other than the street marks, we have no proof nor who to point a finger at at this time.


I talked to a long time friend a couple of days ago.  Her daughter is my age.  I’ve known this woman since I was 12yo.  Went to school with the daughter who cheated and made fun of my studying and being a B+, not A student like she.  Well, my Mom didn’t do my homework!  She always failed the pop-quizzes and I never did.  George and her father worked real estate together often so we were slammed together many times.  I disliked her attitude and silliness so I had to babysit her.  When we were grown, we didn’t keep in touch, but I liked the mother, Adelaide, who’d gotten divorced.  We took care the kids (her grandbabies & my son) and enjoyed movies, circuses, etc as a group.  Adelaide stayed at my apartment a lot to be away from the house so DD couldn’t find her to drive her nuts.  Now, the DD lives with her.  DD is epileptic and has totaled a lot of cars so her DL is/has been in jeopardy many times.  Adelaide quit driving many years ago.  She tells me now, doctors told DD her kidneys have a disease but didn’t tell Adelaide that.  I’m wondering how much truth is in this since DD refuses to work or “can’t” work.  She’s never been OK about holding a job – too hyper over all the years to do a normal thing like that.  She loves being the center of attention and if she can’t, she walks out in a huff …. I pray for Adelaide.  She comes from a lineage of long life people.  DD was adopted.


In the next few days, I plan on giving myself my BComplex shot so I’ll have the stability to cut some hedges that are whipping the house and not have to hire someone.  Son is working on his work truck so he’s busy.  He’s been great about helping around here otherwise.  The neighbor’s tree has grown over to touch my house again too.  He’s the one whose tree FELL on here a few years ago and he refused to pay the damages.  Allstate covered me but wouldn’t sue him.  He got away with it and put on an enormous smile, giggling every time I saw him.  I ask Allstate WHY and they told me if I sued him, they’d want their money back from me.  Then MY rates went sky high and they didn’t even cover all the damage.  They are still the cheapest around here or I’d cancel.  They refused to help me find contractors too.  Call their 800 number to ask a question and they write you up as a new CLAIM.  It’s a no win situation.  I called the City about this and was told I should have called them when I felt in danger from his tree.  They would have issued a warning ordering him to do something and a citation if he didn’t.  NOW they tell me…  This was one heck of a learning curve! 


Seems my own D.O. seems to think he’s smarter than my Cardiologist who said he believes my diabetes meds are causing my kidney infections every 4-6 weeks so I had asked to change that med and why.  My D.O. said no, and that doesn’t happen.  The Pharmacist and Card Dr says yes.  Again, I am caught in the middle.  I don’t think the D.O. will be able to come to the hospital if I am admitted for kidney failure…. I may be forced to look for another Primary Care doctor before this happens.  I’m over 65 now and sure don’t want to put my body in worse shape than all its already been through.  That serious MVA was more than enough!  I don’t care if it was in 2000 – a dingbat husband refusing to take me to a large hospital for care nearly killed me.  One thing I am sure of, GOD LOVES ME, or I wouldn’t be here.  About 25+ surgeries later and I am still alive.  I am not married anymore and husband is now an ex, plus he’s apologized.  I listened with only one ear opened to hear him.  I think he speaks with a forked tongue and has Alzheimers.


My tomatoes  are doing well in their Earth Pot even through this heat.  I am impressed!  They are my snacks!


My Mercury, given to me, when a little old lady had a wreck that killed a motorcycle cop and got scared of driving, is up and running VERY WELL.  Son was able to repair everything, over time.  An Iran Code Compliance gal had tried to have it towed from behind my wood fence but I used money from my divorce and got help.  I’d sold my Van to pay taxes so it was my only transportation.  When that little lady heard about the situation, she donated the car to me.  May God bless her and I pray the Iranian gal be sent to her country home by the boot.  That was trespassing.  It was covered by a tarp.  I wrote to my Congressman/Senator/City of Dallas about her.


I am praying the stalking situation is over and justice will come for my son.  His nerves are settling down and he is getting back to being productive.  He is resting at night, finally.  He is smiling again and laughing – daily.  The stress she caused was overwhelming.  We are awaiting the case to be expunged, hopefully.  She’d been pushing, gossiping, lying, and more, past his toleration point, and wouldn’t stop, even when asked.  He didn’t tell me how bad it was until it was too late for me to help much.  I believe it was she who broke into his truck and may have been her and her son who broke into our neighbor’s house.  I’ve caught her driving around here a couple of times and called the Police, complaining.  She’d told them she lived here and had a right to be here!  She is a sociopathic liar … no wonder he was upset.


Enough for today, I really wear out quickly in this heat.  Maybe soon, I’ll be able to join the swim club a few blocks from the house for Seniors.  That would be nice and healthy.  Maybe it’s not too late and that’s something I’ve always loved to do.  I just pray there’s no kamikaze drivers between my house and there!  I am scared to leave the yard & get out, so this will be an adventure …


Happy Trails to YOU,

Be well


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