July 13, 2013 Saturday

Good morning to all

well, I guess I’ll do laundry and get brave about those shrubs that need cutting…. last time I attacked them, I almost ended up sitting in the flower bed with the HedgeHog turning itself off. I love that little bugger’s safety features! the furbabies wait at the door for me, wondering what in the dickens I am thinking … makes for a wonderful “Kodak moment” … and when I come in, the BudLite with Lime is great after the shower, while resting n watching a snow movie! good R&R !!
I do wish Adelaide had been coming to visit but … oh well. She never gets out except to go to the doctor. She told me yesterday, her doctors said she had a kidney disease now and explained everything to her daughter but not her, just because she is going deaf. huh? that’s not enough reason to not tell her, jmo. I’m not a family member here so … just a long time friend. I went to school with Adelaide’s (adopted) daughter (known her since we were 12yo), so I’ve known them a very long time. DD cheated in school so I lost interest in being friends with her at that time. She made fun of me not being on honor role and working. Adelaide did her homework and gave her allowance. I did my own homework and was B+ average with plans on going to college, worked weekends & after school. After awhile of this bullying, I reported her to the Principal. My Mom really got mad at me for tattling and I was punished, only George stood by me. Mom kept telling me I had a gifted childhood. Sure. I stayed alive. … I really wanted to talk to Adelaide about her kidney problem since I’ve had so many issues lately myself, and wondered if there could be something in the water system being the culprit. I am sure her DD isn’t too bright on her own, she always failed the pop quizzes, just laughing hysterically about them. She was notorious about street drugs over the years, even exH told me about that. geeze!  he’s always been such a busy body.
BamBam’s cough is still ongoing but the Diagnostician’s meds are making a difference.  Thank the Lord.  It won’t stop her heart now, which is what I was so worried about!  After 7 months of continued coughing after a facial surgery to help her see better, I was really scared.  I had taken her back to see that doctor with no results except telling me to keep consulting my local Vet who had no recommendations.  I felt caught up in a racket with her looking to me for help.  Such a tiny face begging for help.  I couldn’t let her down!  She has been there for me in my darkest hour for over 10 years.  This all started when I tried to get her help for cataracts.  She was bumping into doors as her sight was leaving.  I cried over that even though she was healthy in every other way.  With the expensive meds given now, she is making a comeback and obviously, saying THANK YOU.  It’s been a very rough 7 months on us both.
Off to the yard work for me. checklist: shoes, hat, sunglasses/goggles/gloves/what else could I possibly need for safety now? I can remember the days when I could just walk out there and mow/trim – JUST DO IT. Now I look like I am going into combat. dayum … some things about getting over 60 I protest about – this is IT weeds, shrubs, trees & limbs, stuff touching my house – I’m going to hurt you, today!  it’s too much to hire someone to do this – they always destroy things not meant to go.  Last guy killed the entire flower bed when I asked him to pull the grass out – he sprayed with greenery killer to save time.  He saved HIS time alright, he won’t be asked to come back here, except to cut a tree down, and that’s a MAYBE.
Have blessed day, be well, and be kind – GOD listens


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