July 11, 2013 Thursday

 G’d morning to one and all,

my yesterday was busy but not very
productive. My doctor has decided to not refill my pain meds – I either go Aleve
or Advil or change doctors. He is a D.O. and I’ve yet to meet him except passing
in the hallway after all these months. Maybe I should send a copy of the
accident report from 2000 for impact? or could he read it? MY Cardiologist
recommended I change from the Metformin (diabetic med) cause he saw I was taking
a kidney med otc. Every 4-6 wks I get an infection and need that. His opinion is
it is the Metformin causing it and so is the impression of the Walgreen Pharm
but the D.O. says no. This guy spends a lot on advertising and what I see is a
lot of people who look like they live under bridges and don’t speak English when
I go in, but he is in-network for my ins plan and son’s plan. I don’t think I’d
see this doctor show up if my kidneys failed and I was hospitalized … I’d see
the doctor on call at the hospital, hummmmm, not a good feeling coming over me
now. So, consider this guy a “file cabinet” and off we go and take care of
whatever needs we have. I’d better take care of my own heath cause this place
isn’t the brightest bulb in the box. Healthcare is limited in Dallas since going
on Medicare last Sept. I had decent healthcare when exH was here but he
complained constantly about my using it as if he were paying for it which he
wasn’t. I paid the co-pays n meds from my SSD, plus just about everything else I
needed from those damages of MVA, even housekeepers. Thought about hookers for
him to shut him up… I was actually glad he didn’t come by last night!  He’s been “checking” on us for 7 months now! almost every evening…. this is old.  A little company is nice but too much is a nuisance.

Haven’t had coffee yet but am going back to take a
nap and that might just keep me awake. Am taking BamBam to Diagnostic Vet at
11:00 am or so. Am all teary about that. She’s improving a little from that
cough but not a lot. She even asks for that awful tasting cough med. Not sure if
she’s addicted or just not wanting to cough at this point. She’s been on it over 3
weeks and it is a high dose of codeine. May God help us. I’ve been filled with
so much heartbreak over this I couldn’t speak to that surgeon after being passed
over to another doctor. I saw him run my dog to his ER dr on that last visit,
who is located in the same building. The look on his face was “scared”. He knew
he’d screwed up but not once did I hear anything of “it can be helped” just
“your Vet will follow up from here” which sounds to me like passing the buck.
Then he flashed that gorgeous smile and said he wanted to see us again blah blah
blah … sorry but I closed off my hearing at that point. Looked into her eyes
and saw deep pools of “mommie, help me” and thought of the lady I’d seen that
first day, leaving in tears, saying there’d been a messed up surgery on her dog.
Then she was gone. I’d asked about that prior to letting them touch BamBam, got
the answer she was mistaken and emotional about an elderly dog. hummmm, do huge
smiles cover “mistakes” in new business to keep them going? If I pursue the
sight issue for BamBam, I plan on a facility with a lot more experience located
closer to home. This last place was recommended by my Vet, whom I now am
questioning and told him so. I refused to allow him to do ear surgery on her
too. I just buy the same med online and keep the infection out on my own. Stop
it in the bud is my motto. Is this some kind of game these people want to play?
I never liked games – BioDad never allowed them. I was to study, or work, never play.

Son worked himself sick
yesterday. He didn’t have appointments so he did things around here and on his
vehicles. Like paint his OLD truck, which is a classic, piece by piece. He’s
doing the mowing too! He was up by 10am and went to bed sometime after 2am.
Running on coffee/tea with lots of ice. Not eating much. Hope his body tolerates
this cause I’m saying you need your vitamins …. makes him angry but is the
truth. There’s been no Lori for over a week. Police had told me she’d been
telling them she owned this house and he’d been working on her vehicles at night
so that’s why they refused me but when I said I’d get them fired, they started
investigating her. It was messy. He is getting peace from her now. I think. He
keeps quiet about most personal things and I have to really ask specifics to get
answers. He had a couple of “check ons” after 5pm yesterday of elderly people who’d
had issues and they didn’t take him long. He does let me know when he leaves due to
the alarm system. He doesn’t want to get sprayed by the mace either. The
neighbor across the alleyway is happy to see him doing ANYTHING in back now,
makes her feel safer.

Enough chatter outta me so others have a chance to
get going today!

May you get your day going with a smile and the rush be
great!! Catch your tiger by the tail and hang on!

Be well, be blessed,
you are loved by GOD



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