July 10, 2013 Wednesday

“Top” of the morning to ya!


yes, it’s me, in real life, up before the sunrise.  I fell asleep just after the sun went down after a busy day rushing around to doctor appointments for myself.  All for about nothing … my best ally is still my cardiologist.  Nice, little man, not much taller than I, but smart as a whip.  The reg PC, I’ve yet to meet, just has a lot of gals running around in there and I think two doctor assistants who actually are in charge and use big PDAs to keep him informed.  hummmmm, the electronic age will make you money if you utilize it right.  Add bilingual and that’s why it takes 1-3 hours after your appointment time to be seen.  BUT, what am I fussing about? no co-pay … see the Physician ASS’T with or without appointment at this place.  (I find it funny they like to be called “doctor” but I refuse to.  The vampire lady is really good and seems to be very accurate so they have my respect in this area – which is very important.


I work a little today.  I missed the news about next week’s postings so stalking for me.  Seems so many “social networking” emails has scared everyone & shut them up, mostly.  Can’t blame them at all.  I feel slighted too.  It’s not as if we’re telling “secrets” cause we’re not… they seem to feel fear of a union thing and want to nip it in the bud.  Wonder how they feel about the current news … hummm, wonder if their current discount offer on ins will suffice as far as Health Care goes.  It covers almost nothing, but is something to help.


BamBam is still coughing and I got a phone call/msg from the surgeon who’d done her facial.  After all these months.  Probably cause I put a post on their FB about my taking her to a diagnostician as he & my Vet finally recommended.  Several dollars & 7 months later, and she is still coughing.  I regret EVER having started an attempt to restore her sight no matter how sweet/kind/loving they acted toward us and most likely would not be returning with her to his facility for any more follow-up nor future surgery.  The bronchial tubes were damaged and I pray the current doctor can fix them or a regular RX to keep her comfy…. this type of cough is hard on ones heart.  dayum, I am thankful Hydrocodone comes in liquid.  We see this doctor on Thursday, he too is a specialist.  I need a drink or a Diazepam.  Told my PA about this too.  Her eyes got big and I think she’s calling in a RX for me as I asked for two weeks ago.  Another reason to keep hair coloring backup in the house for me!


Son has been a happy camper – no news is good news, right?  he’s been going from one job to the next, just solving problems and making people go on their happy trail.  I’ve suggested he use the phrase “happy trails to you” like Roy Rogers made famous.  His customers will have GREAT memories … besides good ones that their car runs.  Just doing my PR work.  I may add that slogan to his next magnetic sign I order…


Well, I’m off to nap a little more as it did start at 3:30am cst.  The furbabies went to potty in the night, wondering where the sun was.  LOL, upon finding the grass, they said ok … only BamBam was hesitant.  The solar lights had given up for the night so she doesn’t go anywhere in the dark unless I walk with her.  It’s ok.  She’s been there for me for over 10 years when I needed her, so I can be there for her as it’s her turn.  That’s a friend indeed.  Hand in hand.  Side by side.


May your day be blessed in surprising ways to bring you joy … <POOF>


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