July 8, 2013 Monday


Is it Monday already?


After such an exciting weekend, my eye looks normal, finally.  I never could find an Urgent Care unit that would accept ins, they said they’d just “bill me” n God knows, I hate those words.  Their billing dept always goes nuts when carte blanche is given with those words.  Last time I went to one (Urgent Care) was when I had the flu, exH lived here, my dr ofc was closed, and they charged me $400 to tell me to go home and take Dramamine and drink lots of fluids.  I had ins.  I took my son in there with no ins, fractured ankle, and it cost him $150 to get it x=rayed, wrapped, RXs and treated well.  I swear I didn’t complain that much!  but I did throw up in the waiting room trashcan – it was so embarrassing.  btw, same Urgent Care facility 6 blocks from the house!


I moved BamBam’s doctor appointment closer cause her cough is ongoing and the liquid is going to need a refill soon.  It controls the cough only a few hours now.  I believe the pills are doing a better job.  She still says thank you and now, even son is noticing that n snickering. 


I’ve no complaints.  Things are working out as they should, with time on my side… I just keep breathing and puttering around to be productive and not my arse to get big from snacking too much as I tend to taste everything in sight that’s edible.  The Sprinkling stuff has really helped with that.  Now to stop the dehydration issue … any ideas? May have to change my diabetic meds – will take that up with PC later when I can get in for a checkup.


MG – I remember years ago when I went to the State Fair of Texas and fell in love with a set of Stainless Steel cooking set.  H about had a heart attack at the price tag, but most of it is still with me and looks brand new, to this day.  He has the items missing from the set.  I could have bought a great used car for what I spent, in those days!  At my age now, I wouldn’t do it, but at that time, it was an investment in the future.  I had foresight … it’s a shame that H had none.  I tend to emasculate men so it’s best I stay with GOD as my partner, it’s less quarrels on earth this way.  0 God is secure … I am secure and I can be myself.  Life is good.  It was kind of you to have the demo in your home, for your friend, as that salesman gets paid for “doing” and a percentage when sold, last I heard.  I had to laugh at the “nun’s guilt issue” comment cause even though nearly all my history of family members went to Pencostal churches except me as an adult, the guilt thing was a big issue with them.  Turned an aunt from married man-chasing-heavy-drinker into a minister!  Talk about a change-of-lifer! It still wasn’t safe for her to know your financial info.   guilt can do it … That was mom’s oldest sister.  Mom was the baby of the family and the BIGGEST hair pulling fight I ever saw was between those two!  I should have had a video camera.  May they all RIP … or, GOD is sure getting a laugh, watching them in heaven now cause they may still be going at it!  Mom was a real stickler at obeying the law.


May we thank GOD for each day we have, 

and appreciate it.  IT IS GIVEN TO US …


I am feeling the apprehension of the upcoming neck surgery.  Cardiologist said the vein is closing up and when it goes over 70%, we schedule.  We may be near… I am thinking of getting the supplemental ins at this point, would you believe while all the discussion of ins goes on!  makes my head hurt n spin just thinking about it … I’ve been doing what I can to stay outta the hospital, do the diet, take my meds, drink a bunch of water, but I still feel that tremble in the pit of my stomach!  I am sure my son will be waiting in the “family room”, and GOD will be holding my hand and telling the doctor what to do, so it’s just my nerves.  Thanks for listening.  BamBam gave me butterfly kisses to help.  0 Verdel slurped my cheek, Jesse smooches n wants me to go throw the ball, and SuSu is always good for wet kisses n snuggles … gotta luv ’em.


Do no harm, KARMA can be a nasty … if someone asks you to stay away from them, it’s best to respect that.  My son’s stalker is being forced out of the closet and just beginning to get her Karma – the Police are seeing her true colors as a sociopath.  She has turned his life upside down in the past 3 1/2 years, even telling Police she lived here.  WTH?  He’s been humiliated beyond words …


Be well, be kind. 

GOD is listening.


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