July 6, 2013 Saturday



Hope everyone is having a wonderful morning!


My Friday evening was filled with too much.  My eye was still burning and extremely red.  Whatever got it in it a few days just wouldn’t rinse out.  I’d taken the contact lens out but … so I called the “Contact a Doctor” feature of son’s insurance.  Took about an hour to get one on the phone.  Nice man.  Then told to call this number again to speak with another doctor who could send in a RX for antibiotic to my pharmacy.  THAT doctor wanted me to cover it up & use the RX he’d send PLUS go to a doc-in-a-box, which I absolutely HATE>  they always want your life history, charge an absorbatant amount of money then put a bandaid on it, tell you to take 2 aspirin and call them in the morning type of fixes.  (crap) I did get the RX drops & cover it.  It’s still burning this morning but does look a lot better.  I think I got fiberglass in it.  That’s going to take awhile to heal.  I’ve had these same eyes a longer time than that dr has been alive – I’m sure of it… I dislike smarty pants.  My meds for eye irritations/injuries expired in ’05.  It would have been $65 co-pay to go to ER for those refills.  This call was free.  exH was here, kept his mouth shut and just watched.  Didn’t even offer to get meds for me.  Just watched.  This must be another learning curve for me – I didn’t slap him outta Texas, aren’t you proud of me?  I drove myself to the pharmacy.  Everyone who saw me there exclaimed “MY GOD, are you ok?” … I’ve used up a lot of saline wash but … it’s still red as a tomato but not as bad today.  MY plan is to continue the RX drops/cover it & suffice till Monday to see my PC dr.  geeze this hurts!  Ice it till them is my plan.


I refilled BamBam’s meds in prep for her future … I want her to have what she needs.  The surgeon saw my FB post on his site and called to ask how she’s doing.  I’d said all this started on the day of the facial surgery and he’d apologized for the few drops of blood she’d coughed up and I was to call him if that continued.  Of course I would have!  I did take her back in when the coughing continued and should have stopped after 2 days!  It didn’t, she just kept coughing and he referred me to my own Vet for followup.  $1400 later from a Diagnostician, here we are … she can see a little better since the facial surgery but not like I had planned. (she’d had a little of puppies and I saved that money for her health, then had her spayed) This isn’t a good trade off, in my opinion.  I don’t have plans to sue but I did say I have no plans on bringing her back to him even though they are very sweet people with great attitudes and my dog adores them.  I’m not putting her at risk again.  Not at 11 years of age.  I may be getting eccentric but not stupid.  I went to college but didn’t turn into an educated idiot.


My cardiologist is monitoring me much closer now … the neck surgery is getting closer.


It’s going to get warmer over the next few days in Texas and I have a hankering to go fishing.  I’m almost all PINK equiptednow.  Son fixed things on my car I didn’t even know needed fixing.  LOL … when I put the key in the ignition n turn, it starts, the a/c works, push the pedals and we go/stop – those things matter to me.  Actually I know a lot more about cars than that but these are my basics which are important at this phase of life.  Life is good.


My blog is coming along fine.  There are actually followers!  not just spammers!  kind’a fun … RosesNeedManure , I’ve been told I should write a book about my life someday so here’s my start.  btw, without real names, you all are mentioned, with love and kindness.


Well, off I go, back to the patch over the eye. Reminds me of a Stephen King movie … probably because of it being around the 4th of July also.  I swear I’m not a werewolf and this had nothing to do with fireworks! 0


Also, have to laugh out loud at exH – he did come back to finish off those hamburgers he’d cooked here.  He just used my place to cook n mess up.  Saved on his utility bills and cleanup.  Devious critter he is.  Hope he isn’t planning on coming tonight – I’m worn out from dealing with this pain and no pain killer for it.  Aleve doesn’t help.  I really need the eye pain spray that is given in ER but $65 co-pay is why I am using ICE cubes for now and waiting for my dr ofc to open on Monday.  I believe son will drive me.  His back was hurting real bad last night or he would have gone to get my med for me as exh just stood around watching.  I hope that man did put me in his will so at least I get something for putting up with him at this time.  Maybe I should take out a natural life ins policy on him (payable to me) for my taking the time to let him in here? there should be something in it for me now … cause he’s sure not looking out for anyone except himself!  His most popular comment is “well, I don’t know what to tell you” so I shall repeat myself “he’s not worth much and doesn’t bring much into my life”.  I’ve shown him the door more than once.  There’s a female who says “don’t get something, get EVERYTHING, dawling”, she talks funny too.  European.  Rich as all get out now.


May YOUR day be sprinkled with special blessings from GOD and you have fun swimming in it… let the joy in and send the uglies go out your big toe … 0


GOD loves us unconditionally and shows it everyday


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