July 5, 2013 Friday

exH is trying to kiss up again for my telling him “like it was when he lived here” while he was whining about his friend and wouldn’t stop when it was time.  He’d begun the repeat cycle which never helps, and bores the tar out of anyone.  My bio-folks would have slapped me into the next county.  My Aunt Willie would have done an arm hold on my neck and said under her breath “if you don’t hush, I’ll make you hush”, which translated into I’d better stop if I wanted to continue breathing….This big, heavy-set woman had a way about her of looking sweet but carrying an invisible huge stick!  she was unpredictable in her “love” for folks.  She passed from cancer in the early 2000s.  Son didn’t tell me bc I was busy with the surgeries and knew I didn’t need the stress.  Back to last night – exH came over to make burgers/hot dogs…. I’d just bought Barbeque and we were full.  I didn’t want him here and stayed at my puter as long as I could.  He made a huge mess in the kitchen and ate in the den.  Son laughed about the entire thing.  They cooked together in the backyard.  Son enjoyed the whole thing and ate as if he were really hungry.  ExH left all that here, mess n all.  I’d never seen an onion that size before!  It’s almost as big as my omelet pan!  He cooked them in big balls instead of flattening so the center was weird, we still enjoyed the taste, but felt so full, alka seltzer was needed and I burped thru the night.  I had the chocolate pie, thanks to son, barbequed beans, cole slaw, and really missed watermelon.  No room in fridge so didn’t ask anyone to go for it.  That should always be part of July 4th!  is no one aware of it’s importance anymore? hummm, at least he asked about how BamBam was feeling so it made me feel a little better about him.  He’s still not in my “ok” list of humans.  Just face the facts people, I love 4 legged over two legged humans who lie/cheat/steal, and can turn off emotions like batting my eyelashes to them.  Where’s the CLICKer … oh yeah, I don’t need a remote controller, it’s a built-in feature.  He’s here to give support to MY son and I’m ok without him.  He doesn’t ADD to my life so “goodbye Charlie” is fine with me.  He’s having issues letting go….too late now!  btw, he’s a really, really, really, messy cook.  I’ll need to clean n spray for the bugs that’s going to try n feast now.  It’s just not worth a couple of burgers to let him in my kitchen, but son was thrilled about his “thoughtfulness”, so were my furbabies.  I was the grump seeing all the work he was creating for ME to do.   He’ll run like a rabbit when mentioning “CLEAN IT UP” … Happy 4th of July … that’s what today is all about.  That dainged onion ruined my contacts and I am still burning after removing them.  Going to let my eyes rest today so no telling how that’ll work…  Got a baggie full of stuff for the eyes since I’ve had past injuries, while exH lived here.  He seemed to attract accidents but escaped it happening to HIM.


Got my treat because somehow I just knew a weirdness was upon me – I bought a bright PINK “Big Budda” bag from HSN and all I can say is “how fabulous!”  Loverly agent helped me.  Fabulous/beautiful product and it’s going to be fun toting it … that makes me happy.  The best feature I like about it – there’s an outside slot for my Alaskan Bear mace can.   teeheeee, I still have the safety cap on it.  My PINK pearl gun needs to go to the shop for repairs due to OLD shells damaging it.  I’ll get around to that soon.  I’ve had that gun for 20 years – a gift from my son when we were SO BROKE.  I’d found a Moccasin snake in the kitchen and he thought I was cooking it for dinner.  LOL … nope, I was killing it the fastest possible way.  This happened way before the movie came out, showing a kid killing evil critters in a microwave oven.


I had to call upon the Dallas Police once this past week to come due to the stalker going around our block, looking for my son.  They didn’t give me any trouble this time and knew exactly WHO it was!  I thank them very much!!  I am sorry that I was working online when they came to the door, and son had been asleep (he needed that rest) so I couldn’t REPEAT what I’d told the dispatcher.  At least they had all the info and could make the report of her presence in our neighborhood.  She’s a long way from her home and no reason to be here…  Our Criminal Attorney Attorney says enough of these sightings and we can get a Restraining Order to prevent her from bothering us no matter WHERE we are.  This will really help son’s business.  We believe it was she and her son who broke into son’s work truck a few months ago when she’d told son she wanted certain things he had in there, ie Garmin, Radio, and more.  Neighbor’s house had door kicked in and she was robbed about 10:15am just over a week ago and I saw our stalker coming from that area.  Don’t have a clue if she’s involved but it wouldn’t surprise me … Sociopaths are unpredictable.  She’s nearly driven my son crazy.  I now wish I could get him into counseling just for her 3+ years harassment but he’s so embarrassed he couldn’t get it stopped, alone!  It’s a man thing.  She has set no limits on what she’ll do and should.  Her husband is about as bad, he was supposed to help him on the job and vanished so son got hurt trying to do the job alone on a tranny, at GISD.  He’s still trying to recover.  No help from the Supervisor as he refused to write up the injury.  WC put a nasty note regarding the negligence on behalf of the Supervisor so he’s carrying a grudge against my son.  The head of this school dist wouldn’t return my email nor letter nor phone call, trying to clear my son when I heard of the lies being told about him, that these people (stalker, her husband, supervisor & his upline <father-in-law>) had started.  I guess gossip is the way school businesses are run now a days.  So if you work for a school district, you must have private insurance because if you get hurt, YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN…. I’ve been covering most of the medical bills trying to save his health.  WC had him go thru a lot of testing to prove he got hurt and it did show damage, but that tranny didn’t get destroyed.  BTW, does anyone know that many employees of GISD carry firearms on the job?  son told me after leaving there why he was afraid often about going to work… he’d been threatened by some of the co-workers and the supervisors.  hummm, safe place to work?  he never told HR Dept and should have.  He’s usually a very quiet guy.  They took advantage of him.

On his prior job, he found out a co-worker had been in prison for murder!  did his time and was released.  When he showed up for work with a gun, the owner wanted son to leave, for his own safety.  Son had no clue why, but resigned.  Totally confused except knowing the IRS was after the owner and didn’t want his tools being confiscated.  A year or so later, found out about the crazy co-worker….who could have just as easily killed son out of jealousy.


I’m fine with son being his own boss and working mobile.  I believe he’s safer although he’s had a couple of attempted robberies.


May your day be blessed, as I feel mine all are – we’re alive.


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