July 4, 2013 Thursday

000 Happy 4th of July to all, especially our Service people I salute you!



I bought a fine Family1 pkg from Sonny Bryan’s yesterday so we’ll feast on that, along with making Pink Lemonaide and may add vodka/crushed ice.  We’ll be home all day, to the best of my knowledge.


About 9:30pm last night, exH showed up, all upset.  A friend of his for many years, named John Steiger, has been found with a lot of tumors in his lungs and they believe it (cancer)  is going to his brain.  He’s 77.  He’s divorced, raised 2 kids.  ExH is all upset n said he’d not visited him much over the past 2 yrs cause he’d been acting mean and he just didn’t enjoy the visits.  hummmm, I asked “how” in the mean acting.  Silly me.  Seems he went on to describe the exact behavior that made me insist exH move out of here (my house)!  I told exH “well, that was your behavior here for years, so his kids got him to the doctor, right?”  wow, that set off alarms in him!  He jumped up, called me a liar and went into the den to watch TV as if he still lived here…. he was still pissed off an hour later when he came back to get his cigarettes n water, then went back to the den, telling me I WAS REAL STRESSED OUT> suuuure … (he needed my Diazapam but I didn’t give it up.  He can get his own, just call his doctor, btw, I might add, he refused to go to a doctor while we were married and he really needed to do so, MANY times.  His mother died from Alzheimers)  He did say over n over the same story though about he just can’t believe it and that he’s sure Steiger won’t be around much longer.  How many times can you tell a person that you just have to be a friend and get them to go to the doctor when you notice changes like that?  That’s the best you can do for them.  I felt like a recorder … it got tiring.  Then BamBam started her serious coughing and I just took care of her and his eyes got real big, scared looking.  He realized he didn’t know how sick she was and I’d not mentioned it before, only that I was taking her to a specialist and spending a lot of money.  He saw why and heard her.  He never offered a penny though.  He shut up about his own frets and watched quietly while I administered the hydrocodone liquid and she swallowed n snorted then thanked me.  The cough subsided not long afterwards.  She’s my furbaby.  He stood there quietly n told me I should be prepared to let her go.  I was really ready to splat him … he has tiny balls that would have been easy to smash from where I was sitting….but I just glared n said later when he was back to describing his friend as someone who demanded control of all situations “oh, you mean like you usually do? as if you totally know everyone’s thoughts immediately?”  yes, you are right.  I was hostile …he got it right between the eyes.  I let go and was able to relax.  He never did know when to SHUT UP.  He went in the den and even though MY son didn’t want to visit with him, he went, and I could relax on couch.  The DVD he’d (exH) wanted to watch, I turned off, and went back to CSI: MIAMI for me, and to dreamland.  MY family was going to be ok for as long as I could do the best possible for them.  exH had a mess and nothing could help me.  That’s nothing new…. I miss Mom n George.  They warned me about “Energy Vampires”.  exH’s, like this one, are PROs.  They will always be dramas they run to.  In fact, they cannot imagine life without the excitement.  They search for them!  Then exclaim each one is overwhelming and they don’t understand why … it’s just a bunch of BUNK.  Like an extremely old old lady watching a badly written soap opera.  If you can’t say anything, just SHUT UP.


btw, my son cut tree limbs n cleaned up yesterday besides going on mobile runs.  Bless his pea-picking heart.  Said he broke two cutters, but the limbs don’t touch the house now… I told him I would have helped if he’d let me know, but his comment was, well, I’ve got to learn to do this myself cause it may not be long before I’ll be alone.  Like I’ve said before, he’s scared he’s losing me.  I’m sure my 13 min trip in 2000 has me confident enough that when I go again, I’ll be safe, but he’s feeling different about it.  I’ll need to work on that to assure him, he’ll never really be alone, the soul never dies.  Just the body wears out.  Gotta love this kid.  He’s a sensitive.


About 10pm last night a little ole lady called him about her car not starting and off he went.  An hour later he was back.  She’d blown a radiator hose during the day.  It had finally cooled off.  No rush to repair – Friday/Sat/Monday will be fine.  She’s happy as a clam.  She thought she’d blown up the motor, again … LOL … he can do minor things but his back is still plaguing him seriously.  He’s getting teeth work done, especially since the Butterfinger from Albertsons broke a crown recently and he almost swallowed the pieces.  WOW, I’ve been through that but mine wasn’t a crown, it was a moulder and it was their own pecan pie.  I tweeted Butterfinger and they sent me a toll free number for him to call.  I pray they cover all the costs.  It’s a biggie.  He’s not finished paying off the original work yet!



and please take the mosquitos to some other country, or give us more friendly frogs/lizards.


Have a safe day, be well !!





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