July 1, 2013 Monday

Mid last week, about 10:10am, while I was working from home, online, taking inbound calls for products advertised on television, I heard a loud crashing sound.  I went out back to check it out.  I could see nothing without going into someone else’s yard.  Our neighbor immediately behind us had planted BamBoo for privacy so I didn’t enter.  I don’t know them well except for her fussing at my using a blower to keep the yard clean and she hangs out laundry on a line instead of preferring a dryer in the garage.  Just a couple of hours later, my son came rushing in to check on me.  Seems someone had kicked in her side door and robbed her with a violence.  Gotten her spare car keys too.  Her alarm company had notified her at her work along with the Police Dept.  This has been very upsetting for all the close neighbors, let alone HER!  This neighbor hasn’t been grumpy enough to even “wish” THIS upon her, let alone, have it happen to her.  Since I have a can of Alaskan Bear Maise, if I had gone on her property without permission, just on suspicion, I might have stopped them coming out of the house, but who knows for sure?  I have stopped several burglars in this alleyway in the past, holding them at bay for the Police to pickup.  I’ve always tried to set a good example for my own son.  I grew up admiring Audie Murphy, & watching Roy Rogers/Dale Evans movies.


On Sunday afternoon, June 30, 2013, I did see that ’95 Dark Green Ford Mustang CW5N321 going westbound on Ravendale, again.  She had been cruising around our block again.  I did call 911 to report it.  This is an unstable female who’s been harassing my son over 3 years, trying to drive him over the edge.  She’s a 48+yo married female Hispanic with a couple of grown sons and 2 daughters. (One daughter is grown with 2 illegitimate children, the other is ~14 and lives with the father).  She has “friends” with the Garland Police Dept who seem to keep her out of where she should be, so far.  She is unstable, and gets volitile.  btw, I have texts from her as backup, so does my son.  I had to change my cellphone number twice because she is so devious.  He runs an ASE MOBILE Mechanic business (400+ Clients) so he can’t, but she tracks him down on the job!  This was another reason this neighbor wasn’t happy with us, as this female would demand attention in the middle of the night and he’d try to get her to leave quietly.  He played it down to me how much trouble she was causing him.  He’d had no luck getting Police assistance until I contacted the Political heavy weights.  She’s been telling EVERYONE she was his girlfriend.  He almost had no sleep … and told me not to worry, he’d handle it.  It was pride – well … not now.  Help will come now and tote her off.  He’s talked with a Criminal Attorney about it and feels so much better.  His dark circles and poor health are leaving, so is she.  Stalking is becoming more and more illegal.  Stalkers are sociopaths, seem nice at first, nice looking/shy, and don’t have memory of bad things they’ve done, thus they get violent easily … but hone-in on prey more like a ferocious animal, than a human.  They cannot accept rejection.  Please be careful.


I don’t like the idea, but we may need to put up those ugly signs saying ‘Private Property Trespassers may be shot” …


The property taxes went up but the crime did too.  Just before every holiday, there’ll be a rash of breakins, esp targeting cars.  They leave bloody fingerprints on the outter side and are fast with a crowbar or something like that. Your alarm may/may not go off.  The interior of the vehicle will be demolished n gutted in a flash.  Sometimes they take the entire vehicle.  (when our truck was taken for a joy ride then stripped, it was located by me, not the Police, and the young thief was Hispanic & caught.  He didn’t wear gloves.  The last few years, the perpetrators have begun wearing gloves) The thieves will have a holiday feast on you.  This has been going on for about 40 years in this neighborhood that I know of! If you see a suspicious person(s) in our area, please call 911 and have it checked out.  It could be YOU targeted next.  Btw, in all my family history of owning this home, I’ve never know of anyone being murdered around here – that’s the good news.  (Just robbed blind)  Things are replacable, people & pets are not.


I pray for peace and safety in our neighborhood….daily +


I like being a recluse especially since I work from home, online, and need the quiet.


I’m the old lady with the white fence n little dogs who yell hello at everyone as they go by.  I’m disabled, over 65 now – happy about it. They’re great doorbells and I do have a security alarm, n more, but if you see anything unusual, call 911 for me.  I promise I will reciprocate.




Siemper Fi





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