June 22, 2013 Saturday

Be well,

Today I discovered that someone in the past week, came into my home while I was out.  I am totally positive I locked the doors.  We have alarms which are always set and wake us up when anyone walks upon the property.  It had to be when I wasn’t home.  Well, they took, of all things, my underwear! and some groceries… I know who I suspect – my son’s stalker!  She’d told him she was looking for a gun because I made her leave our property via Police intervention and it really made her mad.  She said she could go anywhere she wanted and I couldn’t stop her.  My property, my choice.  Oh yes I can, for here…. she’s very pushy and very unstable.  She’s been stalking him over 3 years and he’s not been able to stop her.  I’ve bought the strongest pepper spray available made for Alaskan Bears.  Guess I’ll need to sleep with it…. Called 911 and reported it.  Didn’t tell them I have a gun too.  Don’t want to scare them … but if I catch her in the house, they may need a coroner.  I am sick to death of this female’s harassment/bullying.  It has to STOP…. She is cunning and sly, uses a lot of people to achieve her purpose of control.  It is against the law but so far, I don’t think she’s been caught.  She goes underground, changes her name, pops back up later to start again.  She kept talking suicide to my son … bad, bad, bad … her husband should have had her committed.


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