June 20, 2013 Thursday

Hello world,

After talking to a criminal attorney about how to stop Lori from harassing us all the time and texting till we run out of minutes, I realized I’d heard my son tell him that Lori was trying to get ahold of a gun to use on me so she could come on MY PROPERTY any time she wanted.  I had run her off more than once.  Called the Police to make her leave more than once.  Making her angry.  She prides herself in breaking rules and not getting caught.  DWI and DUI for example.  Told police that she could go any where she wanted and I had no right to order her.  They told her if it was private property, she was trespassing and what I said was to RULE that she couldn’t go there.  She burned rubber and left.  Really angry.  Now she’s angry at me because I SAID NO to her.  Now my life is in danger.  I bought some serious pepper spray, son installed motion sensors and I’m having some really bad headaches & nose bleeds – all due to this female from hell who latched on to him over 3 years ago and won’t let go.  She is a sociopath…  I suddenly started getting texts from her and had to change my cellphone number due to the volumes of her rantings.  Attorney said don’t delete them, show them to police next time I have to call them.  If I ever find her in my house, I’ll be call a coroner.  It cost me $600 when I found her trying to hack my work computer as I took a nap.  Neighbors have called Code Compliance many times because she came by in the middle of the night demanding son fix her truck so her work wouldn’t know she had a wreck n such.  This attorney has pull with the major police officials.  YaHooooo.


We’re finally beginning to rest … son understands there is hope that he’ll have peace from her.  The stress she’s caused has been overwhelming.  He has grey hair now.


The Criminal Attorney is 2 doors away from our house.  Son knows him well.  Nice man.


There is a GOD and HE is looking out for my son.  I may survive this for a few more years.  I thought my heart was going to stop.  Even with the Cardiologist trying to help lower my BP.


I take my BamBam to see a diagnostician tomorrow to help with the coughing she’s been doing since the facial surgery a few months ago.  I believe there was damage done to her throat at that time.  I pray it can be repaired.  She’s 11 and the cataracts are bad.  In the same building is located another Vet who specializes in this procedure.  I may opt to change Vest so I can restore her sight.  She is healthy otherwise.  I love my furbabies.  They’re family.


May the Lord watch over you, both now and always.


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