June 17, 2013 Monday

My Father’s Day ended nicely yesterday. My son took me out to dinner after my work ended. We went to Applebee’s. The Mgr there was going table-to-table passing out gift cards to patrons who were enjoying their special day. Such a lovely lady she was. Single mom also. Proud to meet her. Great smile to share. Delicious dinner and I got to use my Senior Disc which made my son giggle about my asking for. It paid for a drink. Getting older has its benefits. When we got home, Lori was texting away to me, not to son, this time. Well, it got under my collar that she was bugging me, so I responded with a few facts and son giggled even more. I also sent a long email to adult abuse hotline and city of Dallas about her causing all this trouble for son while she’d say “I know nothing” if asked by police detectives, YET, son would be in hot water. She’d caused so much trouble for her husband that he too had gotten arrested. She bailed him out. She is sociopathic. Well, I reminded her first to STOP. Lose our numbers and do not text/call/visit/track us. Well, she takes that as a come on and challenge me. It took almost all of my minutes on my phone and I told the hotline/city. She bullies and somehow I will stop it. I told her I knew she lied about so many things. Chasing men is the biggest, lying about it is the second. I slammed her with enough inside info she stopped. Son was shocked… I put in my email to abuse/city about where she worked and her license plate number and her name. Enough information for them to know why/where/how she met my son/what she’d done and how she’d gotten away with it up to now. I found out recently that I am being believed enough that Napa Auto took her off delivering & put her in the store to work. That cut her pay. She’d been demanding my son work on the company  vehicle to keep quiet about her accidents to stay out of trouble.  (she’d had a DWI and even applied to GISD for school bus driver! can you imagine?) Well I told on her. They responded. So she tracked son and caused him more trouble instead of leaving him alone. That was after the arrest incident she got put inside the store. I had posted on the media.gov site about her and that he’d left GISD 3 years prior due to being hurt on the job and they’d not helped him nor wrote up the injury so he could get WC. She always said everything that happened to him was his own making or MY fault. duhhhh She tried to call me MOM…. She is not my breed of people – I am not a snake in the grass, nor speak with a forked tongue. Told abuse/city about the treatment/gossip at GISD causing all this trouble and how we’re out about $2K due to it, just so far. We’ve a call into another attorney at this time to pursue. Abuse is not a pretty thing. Especially to a disabled senior. I’m pissed she keeps it up when I told her a long time ago to stay away and she kept it up, sneaking around my house telling son he could do whatever/whenever he wanted, demanding he work on her cars/trucks, at her leisure. Sociopathic beech. I’m using MY RESOURCES now. I don’t think it’s too late. Son looks 10 years younger this morning… He’s off to work and I am too for a very short couple of hours – my body hurts.
May your day be filled with God’s merciful blessings and your wishes be fulfilled.

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