June 6, 2013 Thursday

I want to thank God for my Veterinarian Eye Institute people.  Dr Warren & his Team of specialized people must have been sent from God to help my BamBam.  I’ve been treating her for months for a cough that just won’t go away.  It started shortly after her facial surgery.  Her reg Vet first said Kennel Cough yet she’s had those preventatives.  Then he said allergies n gave her meds.  Now we’re on antibiotics.  Did x-rays n said bronchial pneumonia.  Dr Warren says it is in her throat.  If it’s not improved in 2 weeks with the much stronger antiobiotic he’s prescribed for her, then a throat culture will be done.  He postponed today’s glaucoma surgery – that was his bad news for me.  Heck, that’s not bad news!  telling me found cancer would be BAD NEWS, and he didn’t say that!  You just gotta LOVE these people!  I’ve been treating her eyes for months with drops, to continue is no big deal … it’s important for her to be able to see, in my opinion.  She’s MY family and loved very much.

Son finally calmed down from Lori calling him several times in a short period of time.  She looked him up on the job n really angered him.  Gave him a migraine too.  When that happened, he comes home in a horrible mood.  He may look like Shrek during migraines, but in no way acts like him! talk when he’s hurting n you’ll get things thrown your direction… I just wish I could get him to go to the dr more.  He finally went to the dentist n WZOZW.  He came home all big eyed.  Big gum disease too.  Dr asked who’d he been kissing.  hummmmm.  Association with her has given him lots of bad stuff needing meds.  She jumped his bones while he said NO.  She doesn’t take no for an answer.  She speaks English as a second language, works for Napa Paints in Dallas, TX close to Garland TX.  She’s been his stalker for over 3 years.  Married to son’s ex-coworker.  Real nightmare … big ego, won’t look you in the eye when talking to you.

bbl, going for a nap.  I am worn out from being up prior to dawn, driving to Allen TX with BamBam in hard rain, but I was on time!  taking care of my babies is very important job!!

now to take care of me … be well, be happy, make GOD part of your life.


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