June 4, 2013 Tuesday

Good afternoon,

Today, BamBam and I rushed off early in the morning to see her favorite Veterinarian Eye Institution Vet, Dr Warren & his crew, mostly Sue, who did run a lot of tests, so we’re sure she can be safe to have her glaucoma surgery.  Well, she passed with flying colors.  Shows I have been giving her the meds, as prescribed, twice daily for over 6 months.  She will have her sight restored on Thursday.  I will have there early and pick her up later in the day.  She knows … and she knows she is loved.  I have a battery of new meds and will bring her home with pain meds so there’ll be as little pain as possible.  It’s not a luxury, she’s running into DOORs… her health is good overall except for this dang cough she picked up a few months ago.  Sue called Dr Shook her reg Vet to insist he do a X-ray of her chest.  Thank the Lord someone besides me asked about that.  He’d told me he didn’t think it necessary when I took her in a couple of weeks ago and requested it.  I’m the one sitting up with her as she coughs, which she’s been doing.  He returned my call Sat, prescribing Amoxicillin just to appease me.  Thank God, and it is helping!  I love my dogs as if they were children I’d given birth to.  When I choose them, I made a promise and I intend to keep it.  It’s to love and cherish, plus … I intend to take her jammies with her on Thursday so she won’t get too cold.  They keep that place VERY cold to cut down on bleeding and infections.  They are excellent people and I too adore them ALL …


Lori started her increased calling son & trying to come to the house again.  Gave him a migraine so bad he was screaming at me.  It would be easy to call someone for Elderly Abuse over this but my last encounter with them when David was stabbing the kitchen counter, scaring me half to death, was so muddled up, they’d arrest the wrong person!  Not taking any chances.  I miss living alone, or at least, in peace … without someone coming in in the middle of the night disturbing the peace giving me headaches.


Am about to go on errands for the Hoover bags n filters that son was just sure I had put in the drawers in the kitchen.  He didn’t believe I had used them.  All the mud he tracked in just used them up faster than he thinks.  Something about that entry carpet for wiping feet seems to elude his thinking as his mind races about how to fix someone’s car… and make money.  His mobile business is working, if she’ll leave him alone.  She uses a tracker to find him.  That same thing killed my cellphone when she sent a text saying Happy Mother’s Day to me.  This female thinks everyone loves her!  What an ego!  I’ve told her to stay away from us … if I could get a restraining order, I would.  Gossip harms, and that’s her favorite pastime.  It drives my son crazy.  It is making my stomach hurt so it is getting my anger up.  I don’t deserve an ulcer yet the attorney says “ignore her”.  I found another one, interested, but son won’t call him, YET … he’d do it on contingency.  Seems to me like a win-win.  Son doesn’t like to hurt people’s feelings is his answer.  He wants her to just fade into the sunset but my instincts say that won’t happen.  She’s hung around for over 3 years and I’ve had a lot of personal possessions destroyed in that timeframe from anger issues just because she’s pissed him off.  She is a sociopathic stalker who won’t stop. … The attorney tells us this type of person will get tired of being rejected and just quit – he doesn’t know her.  She enjoys stirring up trouble.


Enough for today, off to fixing things, including dinner, and hugging the furbabies.


Be well and know God loves us.  We need few others than HIM.



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