June 3, 3013 Monday

Hello, well, it’s another Monday.

I take BamBam tomorrow for her all-day trip to Dr Warren’s Veterinarian Eye Institute, as an pre-surgery evaluation.  She’s still coughing but Dr Shook called me late Sat to prescribe a antiobiotic for her to see if that helps.  Between that in the morning and my antihistamine at night, they are helping.  We are both getting some rest.  I am so pleased she is resting better.  I’ve been giving her soft food too.

 Lori is still harassing son … she came on his work location Friday to update him on what she’d been able to find out.  I called the attorney since he’d not returned son’s call in about a month.  Police reports say case is closed but until attorney says that, we are listening for attorney.  Police seem to be embarrassed about the entire mess.  It indicated they didn’t have enough grounds to do arrest in the beginning and should not have pursued, they were given incorrect info and their info has since been changed by that party.  In other words, GISD lied and backed out upon questioning by Investigators, not apologizing to son.  GISD pursued son like a prank and used the Police as a tool not thinking THEY could get into trouble over it.  The DA may pursue them over false allegations.  I hope so. Let them shell out money, for a change.  The medical bills and this prank have been very costly!

As I sit here writing, I think of Erma Bombeck and her fabulous sense of humor.  How I miss that lady.  She pulled me through some rough times although she didn’t know it.  I do pray I learned enough that I too help someone by writing my thoughts here.  Sharing is caring and it does take manure to raise roses.


I’m off n running on my day – about to hit a soaking bath that my body needs.
The weather changes tell me it’s time. Son is just going, n going, n going = wish
he’d go back to the Medical doctor for the refills but he refuses to sit still
for the 2 hr wait after the appointment time.  He’s developed arthritis from all the injuries at GISD.  The torn ligaments hurt still and this doctor, Dr Burke, dispensed some meds that truly helped him feel better without going blank like the Workers Comp doctors gave him.  Those were dangerous!  Only problem now is they won’t refill unless you come into see them but he works as a Independent Agent and most times, doesn’t have 2-3 hours during the day, to wait for them.  He is an ASE Certified Technical mechanic who is working mobile. He drinks enough Starbuck coffee to launch a rocket. I’d be in an ulcer stage if I consumed that amount or maybe a stroke condition.  He just gets grumpy when he gets tired.
ulcerland. He has a dentist apt this afternoon, checkup on that moulder he had
root canal/crowned, and may be having a filling done at the same time. Insurance
helped some but not a lot. I may cancel it since it hasn’t helped except for
simple office visits, so far. For the things that have happened, it wasn’t worth
the money spent.

I wish everyone a good day – no worries.

Sing a
happy tune, maybe Mamas n Papas? or Beachboys! Help Me Rhonda ? YaHoo or


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