03/04/2013 Monday

G’d morning everyone …

Can you hear Steve Martin singing/yelling loudly “Are you ready for a miracle?”, well, we’ve made it into Monday and that qualifies us for one I believe … so let’s stand up, stomp and shout YEEEEEEEEAAAH … I plan on doing my smilie exercises for the entire day! just to spread sunshine on this glorious day God has given us…

Marie, my fiend, the chicken sound devine! thank you for the idea … it’s good for the soul and inexpensive – that’s good for the budget! you’re so good to us.

As a virtual family, I do hope we all can help our sister Persey stay in her home. She asked for help at https://www.wishuponahero.com/ so if anyone can, just jump in there. No names have to be posted, it’s an anonomous thing, just sisterly love.

Lorie Ann Arrammbida Castanesda is still calling/texting my son, at all hours, mostly in the middle of the night. Saturday at 2:15am or should I say Sunday morning? She texted him to say she hated him. Then Sunday afternoon late, after she sobered up, she texted him that she still cared. There’s lots of psychological descriptions for this female fatality. Crazy is the common one. She won’t leave us alone even after being asked to go away. She destroys young men and the lives of innocents. Propositions males and trades favors to get what she wants. Need I say more? Lives in Garland apartment, behind Taco Bell, off Fock St, a block off Garland Rd near the RailRoad tracks and can’t take NO for an answer. Hasn’t updated her DL in 3 years but Police don’t seem to care nor does Napa, who she delivers auto parts for. You and I couldn’t get away with that….

My fubabies are finally getting over their coughs, I am so pleased to announce. They’re saying thank you for helping on that by covering me with sloppy kisses while I try to watch TV. ExH still comes every evening to check on us all and laughs about how much the furry ones love on me. He gets a kick outta playing with Jesse and that “special” bark he has for him. It’s a little yowl so distinct I know when he drives up, just by Jesse’s sound. Kinda cute. This little furball has brought so much joy to our home, I thank God for sending him to us, often. He’s brought life back into Verdel & BamBam when they were thinking they were getting “old” – old. Now they know they don’t have time to think about getting old, there’s too many things to look at. Don’t ya just love that attitude? Sometimes adding a young person, keeps an older person alive and happy a lot longer. Like taking a dog to a Senior Living Center will add a healthy attitude and healing vibe to the citizens – it works like God wants it to do. I like that harmony with nature idea.

Well, off to moving some leaves today. Son weeded and cut the grass yesterday while I worked. Garbage men will be here today so I’ve got to get that together, all ready n neat. I like neat… Temps to be about 80 so it should be nice weather for this, yet I see skies with some dark clouds so I may throw out some fertilizer and utilize those skies too. Let it do its thing – I’ll still be thankful … and say AMEN! I’m ready for a miracle !!



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