02/16/2013 Saturday

My Home Care nurse came to see me yesterday. As embarassing as it was, my nose was still plugged with tissue to stop the bleeding from the high blood pressure and stress I’ve been going through. He checked on this and as usual, I am registering 164/81, about the same as last time when he was here. I had my nose cartarized but one wouldn’t know it from all this bleeding. It’s a daily thing, again. I am not using nose sprays which would trigger this, creating a dryness. It is just more stress from this Lori Castanada who is calling/texting my son on a very regular basis cause she is bored. Yesterday she was whining and wanting him to meet her because she was nervous and “needed a hug”. She’s caused so much trouble for him I can’t imagine WHY she would need a hug at this point!!!! The Garland Police came to her job to talk with her about her gossiping and creating stress for him and she ran. The manager there covered for her. She hasn’t updated her drivers license in 2 years since moving out on her husband, so they’ll have a good time finding her on Fluke St behind the Taco Bell off Garland Ave, if Ernie tells them where she is living now. She’s afraid of the Police because she knows how bad she is as a human being. And as an alcoholic, there’s no telling what she’s done in her past!

I see my cardiologist next week and I must admit, I’m glad….

Well, this is what we’ve been going thru the past few days … back to the washing machine to get the blood outta my clothes!


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