02/10/2012 Sunday

Good Morning one and all! It’s a cool n crisp day here in Dallas.

My son and I are both in shock here. He was getting parts for a client yesterday and encountered Lori’s oldest son in an O’Reiley’s Auto Center who loudly exclaimed “What in the hell were you thinking running a truck over on school grounds and waving a gun at everyone?!” in the store as loud as he could!? Needless to say, that cost son business and was a big lie. Our thoughts were, are they telling this lie because they WERE off school grounds in a school truck and weren’t supposed to be? That is unusual to begin with. This encounter happened a few blocks away from school property and a gun wasn’t waved! The floppy mouthing continues … Lori called son to come have breakfast with her this morning because she had something important to talk to him about. When he came home, I had been working so he didn’t tell me about where he was going, she’d lied again and there wasn’t a reason except she just wanted to see him. He was so tired of her lies and disgusted with her. Maybe she’ll stop calling him now. He’s told her so many times she is making him loose business, now her son is too with his loud mouth lies which he told her about. She claims she knew nothing about that and was shocked so it had to come from his father, Ernie, who still works at GISD. They are spreading rumors to cover their errors in judgement and being off school grounds in school truck.

I am praying this case will be thrown out of court before Feb 28 and son be reimbursed his medical bills due to all these lies! The Police are still investigating GISD – I hope they catchon to their lies and it will be!! It sure has been an eye opener for my son.

Gossip hurts.


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