02/07/2013 THURSDAY

Hello to anyone who is awake at this very early morning hour.

A lot has happened since my last post.

All to my shock…

Remember I’ve been talking about a gal who’s been stalking my 38 yr old son? her name is Lori Ann Arrambide Castaneda, mother of 4, 3 are grown boys and one is 14yo girl. She saw my son when her husabnd was working with my son at Garland ISD in the Transportation Dept. Garland, TX. My son helped him repair his motorcycle after work. She got fixated. Not long after propositing their boss, she left her husband, took the daughter, and moved into an apartment while he, Ernie, was at work, keeping in touch with my son, on a “friends” basis so my son said, and I believed him since he’s always been such a honest person. Well, she could never look me in the eye when we were introduced … it went downhill from there. She started keeping him out all night to work on her car. For days at a time! He said he WAS working on getting her Mustang running. When I’d call, she would sound like she was doing drugs or such. This has gone on for 3 years with her stalking him! Calling him in the middle of the night to come out in our alleyway to work on her car. He bought a truck from her brother for $1000 and gave her the money to give him. She got the title from brother, and the price went UP to $1500, son paid that. She put the title in HER name. It took another 1 1/2 yrs to get it in his name. Meanwhile, she blackmailed him into working more on her car… he became sullen, angry, hard to get along with around here. I refused to allow her into my home yet I caught her on my work computers, using the excuse, she had to make a house payment. I found she’d downloaded viruses that disabled me from working! It costs $600 at the repair shop to get them out! She never covered the repair, just ran. I’ve had the police run her off from my property a couple of times but I had to scream at them before they’d do anything. They told me they were dating. Code Compliance threatened me with violations because of her coming for repairs. She denies any wrong doings. Says I am lying about her and trying to cause her trouble. She wraps around him every chance she gets like a python while he tries to get loose. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, just be helpful. He hasn’t a clue how to get her to go away. Recently, her gossip got to him as he’s had a rough time this winter. He got hurt on the job at Garland ISD. Ernie was supposed to help him work on a school bus transmission but made sure he wasn’t available. Son tried to do it alone. It slipped and son got hurt. The supervisor refused to write up the injury and no coverage was given. He got laid off cause he could barely walk with slipped disks and pulled muscles etc. He came home hurt and I took him to a chiro and contacted Workers Comp who put the bills on us saying the Supervisor was in the wrong. I wrote a letter to the Superintendent of the Garland ISD who wouldn’t even respond. That was 3 years ago I told them of the violence going on in Transportation toward my son. They knew about her then too. Nothing became of it. My son started working best he could as a Mobile ASE Tech. He’s making a little living, living at home, with me on disability. Now, update, she is still doing her sociopathic stalking n gossiping calling/texting him, driving him crazy. Propositing his friends. Telling him the ppl at GISD put out hits on his life, so he pulled one of the trucks over to ask. Wrong thing to do but he did. Those kids panicked and went back to the Barn screaming that their life was in danger on the job. They told around that they were going to whip his ass when they saw who it was per what Lori told son later. Just the kind of thing he needed to hear, right? As if he neede to hear crap… Since he is in business for himself, carries large amounts of money and has been threatened of robbery a few times and does work very late at night, he did have his gun in the truck. GISD had threatened his life, so he had his gun. Those kids lied but stayed in the truck as he quietly asked where was Eddie the supervisor? when he realized he wasn’t in the truck. They said they didn’t know and he said ok and left. GISD Transportation got a warrant because of those kids comments and tracked my son, throwing him to the ground, injuring him a few days later. Lori kept calling him most of the day, as police used GPS tracking to find him. My suspicion is she is an informant and has been to GISD/Police all along yet she says adamantly NO, I love you – I’m your only friend. TAonight, she called him saying someone called her today asking if she’d testify against him if they paid her. Said it scared her and they said they’d call her back. The Garland Police are investigating Garland School Dist now after talking to my son in depth. They realize how down to earth he is and it is impossible for him to be the person they described! We hired an attorney and feel good about him. My exH was with my son when he was arrested. He came immediately to get me. I posted bail about the time my son was given permission to call me. Lori called him as he was walking out of the Police station. We feel she was hiding somewhere, watching. How else would she know when he was released? There are too many coincidences where she is in the wrong place … calling to say something. She seems to set him up to cause trouble and then says she is his only friend… angry doesn’t describe how I feel. She is even sending me emails saying I should back off. She has 4 kids she should pay attention to. Cougars are notorious for taking children and I hear more and more women take pride in claiming younger men. She acts like a menopausal cougar to me, or just plain ole sociopathic nut case. Calling a hard working young man to tell him gossip that anyone in their right mind would know is upsetting crap, is more than stupid, it is just trouble-making. Telling him while his mind is strickly on a detailed problem of work, that someone has put out a hit on them, well, what would you do? panic? My son is on the verge of a total nervus breakdown because of her. He’s blocked her calls numerous times then she got in his path at the gas station! crying, beggin him to listen that she’s SO SORRY … let’s be friends. He’s so kind-hearted, he listens. Her own husband drank n beat the tar outta her because of this type of behavior. I sorta feel sorry for him now … but not enough to call him. He left my son to get hurt thinking he was fooling around with his wife when he wasn’t!

I hope the psychic reading I just got is right – the truth will come out very soon. This sociopath will be prosecuted. The GISD ppl will be prosecuted for lying on my son and have to applogize to him. Charges will be dropped and he will not have to go to court on Feb 28. He’s going to be ok. I have a doctor appt for him on Mar 1 but I expect to take him again to the ER possibly for more meds before that. His back really hurts him now…

When I wrote a letter to the Dallas Morning News about this, 3 years ago, calling it “Justice for My Son” all that happened was I got a job offer from them. I even sent it to Washington. wow, in little letters… what does one have to do to put a story out there?

I had to scream to get the police in my own neighborhood to run her away from my own home. I told them if they didn’t, I’d find someway to get them fired since I pay the taxes that pay their salaries. THEN, they told her to leave. The brass she is, she told them she was an American citizen and could be any where she wanted to be. I think she was born in Mexico. I don’t care. It was disturbing my peace for her to be around here! My son is embarassed about the entire mess now. He’s told her to leave him alone and not come back but those words mean nothing to her … it is like a cat in heat – even a water hose doesn’t work sometimes. I think she needs a psyWard or prison.

My blood pressure went haywire and I spent last Friday evening in the ER in pain. My reg Clinic hadn’t sent my RXs in like Walgreen insisted, so they weren’t there to pickup. Since Jan7, I’d been waiting. I sent a email saying if you don’t fix this today, I’m getting a new doctor so they called me to come in. My bloodwork was off the chart and so was my BP – off to the ER I was sent, with my RXs in hand. Also, with a note for a Pain Mgrmnt Dr+. I got a phone call followup from their main office saying they will make sure I get my meds and they want to hear I am happy. ok, no problem, I just want simple followup too. Don’t put me off a month saying you will call me back then don’t call. I like simple callbacks, not lies…

Well, this is what has been going on in my life …

I’ve been praying for peace at my home.

Seen any good movies you’d recommend for relaxing? My pre-paid DVD of Breaking Dawn: Part 2 should be coming soon….looking forward to it. Love the music too.


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