Posted in February 2013

02/16/2013 Saturday

My Home Care nurse came to see me yesterday. As embarassing as it was, my nose was still plugged with tissue to stop the bleeding from the high blood pressure and stress I’ve been going through. He checked on this and as usual, I am registering 164/81, about the same as last time when he … Continue reading

02/10/2012 Sunday

Good Morning one and all! It’s a cool n crisp day here in Dallas. My son and I are both in shock here. He was getting parts for a client yesterday and encountered Lori’s oldest son in an O’Reiley’s Auto Center who loudly exclaimed “What in the hell were you thinking running a truck over … Continue reading

02/07/2013 THURSDAY

Hello to anyone who is awake at this very early morning hour. A lot has happened since my last post. All to my shock… Remember I’ve been talking about a gal who’s been stalking my 38 yr old son? her name is Lori Ann Arrambide Castaneda, mother of 4, 3 are grown boys and one … Continue reading