01/30/2013 Wednesday

Good morning to all and praying everyone is feeling better quickly. Colds n flus are upon us all. I hope to see cures in my lifetime – what a miracle that would be!

I rode all day with my son yesterday on his MOBILE ASE Tech jobs, and he only got one pricky cust who got into a tizzy cause his car was more damaged than he thought, he had the gall to ask son if he was on drugs in a very serious tone. I was tempted to ask the guy if he was a dealer trying to sell/trade, but kept my mouth shut … son stepped back in shock, answered him well, no/ never have, I go to a Chiropractor or an ER if I need help. Then went right back to telling the guy about his Jeep…. The guy was so cheap, he didn’t even pay son for his 2 hrs of taking apart/put together and had fussed about the $35 fee prior to drive 30 miles to look at the Jeep and use the Diagnostic scanner at this home! total bullcrap in my opinion and I told son to blacklist him althought he said he’d call him for small jobs instead of his “reg mechanic”. He’s probably on the verge of losing his house and in dire straights for money. His vehicle has ball joints going out on wheels/pullies/ac and more. It was very noisy! I hope the damned wheel falls off on him … he was warned and he said just put it back together if you can. Such a nasty man acting BIG … IF he’d called a mobile mech from south Dallas n talked like this, he’d have gotten the crap beaten out of himself … they don’t take kindly to being put down by snobs. Son dropped me off at house at about 4PM cause my back was really hurting and I am still trying to get my doctor to call in meds for me. Since the Home Care got involved, the dr acts as if she’s through with me… Home Care said I may have to make another visit to get JUST TO GET MY RXs. I may have to change from them or just walk in shouting I AM ALIVE. Did you all hear about the 70yo in Newport Cal who did just that AND shot his dr in his office on Monday? he obviously got really pissed off at his care. Well, that’s how our day went. Ex was at the house to look out for us by 5 or so and son got in, finishing his day @ 8:30pm. He pulled heads of a car and did a breakjob in Wilmer, @60 miles S of Dallas. Nice man & family there, preacher family. They’re really good to him. He was safe, except for this horribly storm that came in. It is cold here right now & even the furbabies want their sweaters on, PLUEASE!!!! have an enormous pot of beans on stove, simmering, to bring the steam heat into the house. It adds warmth and food plus the homey feeling … I’ll go with him this afternoon after I get in a little time working. I miss working, can you believe it? I am hardcore workaholic, can’t help myself. Pray for me, ok? He only got a dz texts from Lori Castanada, no following we noticed, half a dz calls blacklisted, she finally called him all kinds of dirty names and said her “news” was she is leaving town to move to Houston. May God help the men in Houston. She’s given her 2wk notice at Napa so we may find peace soon. He’ll be left with paying the attorney up to $3K for her damage to his mental growth/stability/business reputation. Talk about a tornado? this is sociopathic tornado – LOOK OUT HOUSTON, there’s no storm cellar to hide in from this one! Lies, blackmail, extortion, coerion, schemes, 24/7 screaming/crying/threats of suicide if you don’t do her bidding, it’s on its way … thank GOD it is leaving here!!! this is what has been happening around my house for 3 years. I am a nervous wreck and so is my son. He has never had trouble with the Police, but this female got him arrested by telling a prior Supervisor had put a HIT out on him and he pulled over one of their trucks thinking he was driving, so he could ask if it was true. The driver was a very young guy and went back telling a huge BIG elaborate story to impress, far from what really happened, & it got my son arrested. The Police used brutality and I had to take him to the ER. The Police Investigators are checking the story of the young kid now and it seems some heads may roll there. No charges are pending, according to our attorney. I pray it stays that way and it be esponged… He laughed when my son said what the girl had told him and why he pulled them over to begin with. I’d like to see her arrested for what she has done. I have had her removed by the Police from my property on a couple of occassions, fussing all the way.

My son is getting happy again. I am sure there is a nice girl out there somewhere, he will meet, and GOD will do HIS wonderful thing so they will both be happy together and all will work out perfectly. There won’t be trama like this, cause GOD don’t like it … nor do I.


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