01/20/2013 Sunday

Good morning my online chatfriends. As usual, our lovely Marie has outdone herself with a delightful virtual breakfast lineup …. and it just fits my doctor’s orders! I’m sure I’d be lost without her starting me off right! thank you darling lady!!

My son is getting the r&r he needs and is opening his mail to find nearly a dozen attorneys offering to help him. I am just praying this will be as calm as my divorce attorney seems to think. Lori Castanada is still texting him daily … he is saving them to give to whomever he chooses as his attorney. exH is insisting on going with him because he was there when all this went down. btw, he has been coming by daily to spend most of the day with us, as he says, to be sure we’re all right. (hummmmm) He is being nice, calm, polite, courteous, and making sure I am very taken care of. He even said that when he dies, I should be sure and call his company to make sure there is nothing else I should get. I assured him there is nothing – it is paid. All the settlement came in one lump sum, two years after the divorce decree was final. He was shocked it took so long and that I hadn’t called to drive him crazy. He and I were married 14 years. His first wife is still calling him for money or more…. He’s very impressed I am recovering from the MVA (2000) and have found a part-time wahj. I overheard him telling son “your mother sure is resourceful!” He even told me “you were always good to me so I don’t begrudge you a penny” … OMG!!!, he sure must have gotten scared at some point in the past 5 years since we split. I met that fear while he was living here, I know it. He’s now very interested in the e-cig and wants me to get the starter kit for him. Here we go … His cough is still there, almost to the point of coughing up blood. He has no family left except his kids & their wives. That thought has him really scattered acting. He’s reaching out. We may be able to be better friends than anything now – I may be able to handle that, but I’ll still keep that rod close by, for my own security, and the gun is in the drawer, loaded. Zebras may fade in color when they get sick, but they don’t lose their stripes… Just think of me as a version of “Scarlett”.

Son is real thankful for his momma today. I can see it in his eyes. We’re looking for a primary care doctor for him tomorrow so he can continue medical visits when this medicine is empty. It is benefiting him so much. His back isn’t hurting near like it has been since getting hurt on the job at Garland ISD three years ago. The officers slammmed him to the concrete with a gun in his face last Thursday apparently very roughly, then into the car door several times because they were lost and not paying attention to his body comfort at all. He said all he could do was just do whatever they wanted and keep quiet, or it would have been a lot worst. Very true. A Texas Hwy cop pulled me over once as I was on my way from/to E Tex & Dallas. I’d hit a pothole then recovered. He claimed I was DUI. Heck, I wish, but I was just tired n moving my stuff. He made me walk a line, blow into that thingy. Stupid…he was a kid. I was so glad when someone called him to another spot to aid them. He was ready to take me to the station under arrest but really had no reason except his nasty temper & being a kid wanting to make his first arrest. It would have been false arrest. There are a very few good cops …

I’m off to hug my furbabies … they’re snugglin son on the sofa right now. It’s a Kodak moment for sure.

God loves us … spread the word!


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