01/19/2012 Saturday

G’d morning one n all …

well, I almost have my own version of Dallas going on here … just don’t have all the money to fund it nor the mansion, but it is packed with the drama. Lori Castanada came back into the pic loud n clear, after a short absence, got my son arrested after harassing him into a lapse of intelligence. She used the cellphone technology to track him so Police could find him while he worked mobile ASE Tech. They slamed him to the concrete while he was going into O’Riley’s with exH to get parts for his truck. Needed to say, after I found out how to bail him out, his back isn’t happy at all. She was waiting in the dark at his release, and called nearly 20 times in the next 8 hours, calls n texts, combined. Besides coming over here. I called the Police to ushure her off. They laughed their heads off as I shook in anger n exH watched in shock. Ex hung around with my permission explaining to him till 10pm, fully expecting her to come back after she got off work at Napa Store, here in Dallas. The woman is 48 with 4 kids chasing my son 38. What is wrong with her????? he finally got his truck title outta her name which she tried to steal from him (it started as her brother’s, he gave her the money to give him to buy truck, she got clear title from brother, put it in HER name, not son! took 1 1/2 yrs for son to get title from her signed over to him, clear) … she’s made her own kids leave home way before time and still has one under 15 she left with her H that she doesn’t live with. She’s propositioned every male he’s intro’d her to so far…. I wonder why she hasn’t been arrested for prostitution yet. Please?

CUT! oh, that won’t work … this is live and saying cut won’t stop this crap.

I need a vaca …

I am thankful to GOD that my exH has started going to church and changed his life.
I am thankful to GOD that my exH woke up about his serious health issues I tried so desperately to warn him about, so he had his close encounter and it frightened him deeper than I could have described.
I am thankful to GOD that my exH has decided I am not the bitch from hell he was sure I was.
I am thankful to GOD that my exH has decided to treat me with the respect I deserve and not fart in my livingroom.

Nothing describes life/love much better than this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olXd7KVQbHQ

(except my time with YOU, Dear. Thank YOU GOD, that was special, I will be back. I am just so sorry I didn’t join that convent at 18, that’s the only mistake I sincerely regret in my lifetime but then, I would have missed this darling child I have been blessed with.)

I am thankful to GOD to see miracles happen each day

my furbabies love me dearly, I can see it in their eyes, I saw the real love of my son, in his eyes, as I drove up to pick him up, when he’d been scared half to death and I didn’t ask questions – just smiled lovingly and said “I am here”. Nothing says I LOVE YOU more than a smile.

Hug your “lovies” today – it matters


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