01/12/2013 Saturday

My morning has started off on shaky. It has been raining really hard for a few days around here. This past month, the neighborhood hounds have been very unhappy too. No idea why. My furbabies had to rush outside and I suddenly heard a man screaming foul language so I looked out again to see the young man (from 4310 Somerville Ave) who’d moved into a house next to the brat, come rushing out with something in his hand that looked like a small gun, cussing at this top of his lungs “this is Saturday before daylight and not any ****k*** time to be waking me up so SHUT yer g**f***k*** mouths up or … “, when he saw me. “Lady you need to shut those f***ing dogs up cause 7 or 8 is too much go*da** barking. They bark all the **ddamn time! Now SHUTUP!” door slams. I swear it looked like a gun in his hand. My dogs were barking at another dog going by and had shut up by the time he walked out his door and did a U-turn in the middle of the street when he saw me at my door. He must have had a hangover. The couple who owned this house passed away a couple of years ago. They’ve had nephews (?) live there to keep it in the family. This is a new one from just a week or so. The other one moved out when the little girl walked in on him getting out of the shower. This one, I’m not sure, if he still has the big black hound or not, that used to bark so much esp when he was gone. I think the hound is gone this past week. This one seems to be prof job searching and has a female w/children who visit occassionally. He dresses in white shirt/tie and goes out early 9am m-f in a nice shiney car. The older family members maintain the house. (The brats house is still having repairs done from daddy’s tantrum but mom has her SUV priviledges of driving back.) The neighborhood is getting grumpy again. Someone cut my solar light wires – yes, cut. I’d heard the young man say he didn’t like the blinking & it gave him a headache but it didn’t occur to me he’d do anything….that was a little over a week ago but when I witnessed his temper today, I realize he may have been the one to cut one wire to disable one of the light strings. He’s not lived at this house very long. I guess he’s showing his “ALPHA” … time to post in the neighborhood watch … that won’t help him get a job.

well, coffee just made. Off to work shortly, once my teeth are clean, face washed etc. Kids are sleeping quietly. They’re not fretting over neighbors but I am – I think he has a screw or two loose and could be dangerous. I’m debating calling the Police but what would I say? He had a headache and screamed at my dogs holding a gun at 8am Saturday in an aggressive manner? sounds unbelievable … and can’t prove it now. Not for the OK Corral cowboy days. This neighborhood is going to crap…

Got a call from the Home Health Care yesterday. They’re trying to get approval by my ins co and then can get whatever I might need. That would include my insulin strips, and TENS patches, etc. Nice man.

Well, off to the salt mines for a few blocks.

Hope your day gets sunny n bright – ours is overcast n muggy with humidity about 80% and 65 degrees. Enough to frizz yer hair.

I’m still fearing going outside for awhile. I sent an email to the City about this. He yelled at the kids next door to him on his first day moving in and that daddy went to have a word with him – I heard a lot of yelling and went back into my house.


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