Posted in January 2013

01/30/2013 Wednesday

Good morning to all and praying everyone is feeling better quickly. Colds n flus are upon us all. I hope to see cures in my lifetime – what a miracle that would be! I rode all day with my son yesterday on his MOBILE ASE Tech jobs, and he only got one pricky cust who … Continue reading

01/20/2013 Sunday

Good morning my online chatfriends. As usual, our lovely Marie has outdone herself with a delightful virtual breakfast lineup …. and it just fits my doctor’s orders! I’m sure I’d be lost without her starting me off right! thank you darling lady!! My son is getting the r&r he needs and is opening his mail … Continue reading

01/19/2012 Saturday

G’d morning one n all … well, I almost have my own version of Dallas going on here … just don’t have all the money to fund it nor the mansion, but it is packed with the drama. Lori Castanada came back into the pic loud n clear, after a short absence, got my son … Continue reading

01/12/2013 Saturday

My morning has started off on shaky. It has been raining really hard for a few days around here. This past month, the neighborhood hounds have been very unhappy too. No idea why. My furbabies had to rush outside and I suddenly heard a man screaming foul language so I looked out again to see … Continue reading