12/20/2012 Thursday

Today is the day a lot of people expect the world to end, according to the Malayan calendar.  Personally, I think they just got tired of recording.

I don’t think it’s the end of time.

BUT ///

It’s really been stressful for me!

I had been sent to a Cardiologist because my EKG was abnormal at the Primary Care Clinic.  Mine are always good/bad so I wasn’t concerned until I saw his face.  HE WAS CONCERNED … that scared me.  He was about to call an ambulance.  FOR ME!  He didn’t approve my EKG and has plans to change my meds plus a lot of other things … I think I am in for a angio soon.  He said my cholestrol is up where everyone else said it was ok.  Someone has been lying.  I don’t think this one is….  His name is Phung.  I remember seeing him around Presbyterian Hosp when I was there for migraines over the past few years and David was with me.  He didn’t care for D and does remember him and how he treated me.  My exH made an impression several times when I was at hospitals.  The doctor’s now protective of me and I think he’s going to be the one to keep me alive without being a nut.  I hope so.  He’s easy to talk to and would never consider telling me to shut up like Dr mercau did.  It’s been tough finding good doctors under the Wellcare plan but I may be achieving it now,  thank the Lord…


If that wasn’t enough, I got home to find I had a message saying I had failed my pap test and was being referred to another clinic for futher treatment.  I broke down crying.  I called my Primany Care Clinic asking for tranquilizers and told them I would make the appt for followup PLUS I was supposed to see this clinic for a lung function test…. that was scheduled for tomorrow.  Suzanne is going to ask the doctor as soon as she’s finished with the current patient.  I sure hope she gives me something to calm me down!  All this happening makes me think I was just dreaming that I am “ok” … they are giving me the impression I am really sick and that’s frightening from what I have seen from my elders before they passed away.  So, I have an appt on the 28th for that followup.  Thank goodness for calendars!

I am exhausted and need my nap … but have to do something shortly.  I just can’t remember what it is at the moment.  LOL, probably the folding of that clean laundry just waiting for me to finish up.

Have a new movie going – Obama’s America 2016.  hummmm this is sorta interesting.

The meatloaf/mashed potatoes smell great!  that’s dinner.  The furbabies are playing hard.  Son is working on someone’s car and planning on being in before dark.  I won’t be alone a long time with just the furbabies. 


My head hurts.  It’s been a very long day …

btw, all the attic creatures have left the building!  Manuel and his daughter went up there and stopped that.  He also put up new wood blocking all the entrances plus painted it.  His wife, daughter, and himself, swepted all the leaves in the yard so it looks really nice out back now.  Totally worth $220 to me.  Son was pleased, of course.  Son told me he too has those same chest pains I told Cardiologist about.  hummmmm, I am buying ins for him but he won’t go to doctor to check it out.  He’s 38 yrs old.  Not sure what to do about him at this point but do plan on doing what doctors tell me to do.  I’d like to see my 100th birthday.  I believe I will be scheduled to have angioplasty this next year, but that’s just my guess.  Dr Levin suggested that several years ago and told me not to be scared of it.

Took BamBam to see Dr Warren, Veterinary Eye Inst, yesterday. He’s really pleased how much the meds are helping her see better. She still has cataracs but not as bad as when he first examined her several months ago. The next appt is in 6 months. She’s a happy camper and loves to go ride in the car, anywhere!


Off to small rest period for awhile.



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