12/05/2012 Wednesday

The chills have hit Dallas again after a few days of nice 75 degree temps.

I had put up some white, solar, Christmas lights, and more to come.  I have two boxes sitting at the doorway when I have help hanging them.

We got a visit from a Dallas Police Investigator and Officer today, looking for Clifton Bowers.  Seems he has threatened a Judge this time.  Not just hot checks this time!  he’s in bad trouble and will be going to jail for this.  They are really pissed off and have a warrant for his arrest.  I wished them good luck and told them about his robbing me and why he couldn’t come back here.  Along with his sister’s name, phone number, and known brother’s name.  None of the info I knew got my stuff back nor did the Police back then, but maybe will help them now.  I too am still angry about how he treated me.  He is a self-proclaimed cat burglar and I thought he was joking – NOT….

My hip is spasming bad so a serious storm must be coming in.  So glad CVS and Walgreen have a spray on that helps.  I have pain meds but they are addicting if I am not careful.  Using TENS units as much as possible and seeing Chiro.  New PC scheduled for Monday.  Will not accept a PC telling me this is in my head when x-rays show arthritus.  That is an idiot doctor and being sarcastic to me so I will NOT PAY to hear to hear crap-o-la.  Went on to Chiro after walking out on her and he did an adjustment which did help immensely.   It was my low back and tail which was out of place causing the major pain….

Well, off to do a 30 min shift for my IB call center then the laundry which will take the rest of the day, if my health allows.  My head hurts due to sinus but at least I have AlkaSelzer Sinus Cold stuff.  Only bad part is it makes me so sleepy.  BUT, it does stop the headache which I am very thankful for that!  Every penny counts right now.  In about 3 weeks, I have to pay the property taxes or … this can be written off … it is a biggie.


I feel blessed.  May you be too.



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