11/20/2012 Tuesday

My son was out back yesterday when Ms. White, the Code Compliance Iranian female came again.  She said someone had called in on us again for working on cars at our place.  Two days earlier, he had repaired his own, again.  He told her so.  She was referring to last Wednesday when 4312 Somerville Ave had a party, again.  They fill up the entire block with cars.  Whoever called in, has them every week and blames US for all the traffic.  I have grumpy neighbors who smile at me to my face.  Loud barking dogs.  She refused to tell him addr/name of WHO but did make a phone call to someone.  Never did say she was sorry for the interruption.  Took pictures of the back of the house and yard, asked it all the cars ran.  Asked if we had rats in the attic.  I forgot all the other questions asked.  She wanted to know if we rented or owned too.  This is plain harassment.  We’re not bothering anyone but she keeps coming here.  I sent an email to the City Hall, AARP Newsletter, Police, Attorney, Congressman Sessions,  and whoever else I could think of.  I hate being harassed!  stop buggin me!  we’ve perverts n such around here for them to be watching.  Terminix trucks just sitting, watching, cars with dark windows just sitting like stalkers, cars being broken into, ppl riding bikes up/down alleyways in jammies late at night with loose dogs not on leashes, kids teases dogs behind their own fence, kids breaking neighbors’ stuff,  these are things to watch.


Thank you all for the nice comments regarding grieving over my family.

I was taught to swim well … when I was a kid, my Mom n George sent me to the “Y” for lessons cause BioDad had thrown me in deep waters scaring the chit outta me to be in over my ankles when I was very young.  I got over that, thanks to those lovely ppl at the “Y”.  The adults never understood my description of him as “sicko” afterwards but kept saying “he’s your loving father and you should respect him” … now-a-days, I really miss those kind-hearted ppl who loved me so much with gentleness and didn’t raise a belt out of anger but talked a lot.  0 They are the kind of people I chose to mold myself by … especially the humor.


Janice really hit a sour note last month with me, and kept digging, for her own entertainment.  I cannot explain why as I was trying to share with her what I knew would help her learn how to work from home and earn some money to support/suppliment her SSD legally …. A few days ago, she tried to get help from my son again.  Her brakes went out … she’s grown to be a “user” in a big time way.  Now I know why Aunt Martha begged me to help her yet said at the same time, I don’t like how my daughter has turned out.  Poor woman said this just months prior to having a major stroke that led to her death.  Janice cashed in her burial policy to pay the elec bill while she was in the ICU.  Somehow, this didn’t sit well when she called me to talk about the options she had.  If I had loaned her the money from my IRA, which was why she called, I wouldn’t have had to help pay for the cremation cause Aunt Martha’s body sat there nearly a month before anything was done, after she died…  all this is bothering me right now.  Janice was supposed like a queen from babyhood while her parents were strung out, working like fiends to take care of her in the lifestyle they made her acustomed to.  Now, life is very different and she’s not adjusting.  hummm.  Several years ago, she ran outta meds, Aunt Martha was ill, they didn’t have money for Janice’s med and the doctor was out of town, so Janice went to Medical City ER.  She ordered the ER doctor to give her a particular medicine.  He took offense to her orders and put her in the psy ward.  When she figured out where she was, she called her son, over 21, who came to get her out.  The doctor figured out she was over-using the inhaler and hallucinating like she still does.  Her reg doctor doesn’t seem to notice or care.  She gets real mean if you comment about this and that’s what I think set her off in regards to me.  I told her she was abusing the medicine and damaging her body instead of helping it.  She immediately said she was not suicidal….and started in me … instead of paying attention to what could help her and her grandbaby survive.   Apparently that ER doctor said his diagnosis was “suicidal personality” or similar, for reason to admit.  She’s under the impression that she will be able to adopt the grandbaby because right now she only has the custody.  She got her when she was born and they found the baby positive for cocaine addiction and now Janice gets the government money for subsidies for support which she’s afraid the mother will take away if she ever cleans up.  It’s a real “soap” opera, for sure.  Since Janice dropped outta school for pregnancy at 14, she never went back.  Such a shame.  She’s also gotten into several real fights where a doctor was needed, all while Aunt Martha was holding down two full time jobs to keep a roof over their heads.  Uncle Bob left the scene cause it was too much for him n no one listened anyway.  Bobbye Shane, Janice’s only child that lived, got into drugs really bad, tried to kill a woman with Janice’s van, just before Aunt Martha died.  well, the State of Texas prosecuted him and his wife so he’s serving time and Janice visits/gives him money for “things”.  The woman had to have 12 hrs of brain surgery in order to live…. he totaled the van and ran off in another car while high on cocaine/heroine he’d been selling.  Janice claims the reason she’s not right is that she’s been beatten on the head with a hammer.  She looks normal and most times, sounds normal, not tic or studdering or facial malformation or scars.  I just don’t see anything to support this and Aunt Martha didn’t mention it nor did anyone else.  I’d think hallucinations again, and I do wish she’d find a doctor who’d be right by her and get her straight but at this time in life, I don’t think it possible.  Aunt Martha & Uncle Bob left the house papers in such a mess, she can’t get a lien or anything to help out.  It’s needing a lot of work n she whines at everything.

I had a lot more when Mom & George passed away and I needed my husband to help me but in his frame of mind, he was no help at all…. he was a taker.  I was injured in the serious MVA not long afterwards.  He kept telling everyone who asked that I was just fine, which killed the law suit.  Alzheimers finally got him along with a quad bipass so now he doesn’t work and has to have someone to live with him – did I mention we divorced?  definitely when he came at me with a steak knife pounding it on the kitchen counter demanding I leave … well, hell no.  I am the one who inherited the house from my folks, not him.  He took a lot of MY things when he moved out and I get mail from all his ************ that never lived here … that’s curiously evil on his behalf.  He has stopped stalking me.  I’m not sure why anyone would think I should put up with him or think I owe him anything.  My own attorney advised I “work it out to save money” when I said I wanted a restraining order on the fool and him to demand my items be returned.  I never got my items back but ex stopped coming around here.  The “grapevine” & his oldest son calls my son about their cars & to report how he’s doing.  I never ask.  ENOUGH is enough and HE scared me.  He was destructive with my house and should have paid for ALL his damages.

Enough on this topic, off I go to Sam’s Club to look for smoked turkey.  My son wants a smoked one so ok … As for me, a simple breast would have sufficed without bones.  I miss smelling the butter/wine turkey cooking all day when Mom was alive.  I have the thingy in the drawer all ready to use and will, just to create the memories for my son, or keep them alive for him.  Some things never die.

Mom, George, times like these, I really do miss you … RIP



now, back to your regular broadcasting …



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