11/11/2012 Sunday

Happy Veteran’s Day to all


Son hasn’t slept decent since his truck was broken into about a week ago.  It’s taking its toll on me.  He chased a biker the other night speeding around the neighborhood.  Biker wearing jammies… 10:45pm running down the alley with his dog not on a leash, well, no wonder the dogs in yards were fussing.  It would have been very easy for this person to grab things and take off.  Police were called to catch this biker.  When my son stopped him, the 20something smart mouthed kid spouted off “you got a problem?!  THIS IS MY NEIGHBORHOOD” so there was almost a squirmish just asking why he was biking in the alleys at that hour.  Son came in in angry mood.  Son has been working for the past two days out of town and came in today really grumpy n tired, but made a little money.  I’m not sure if it is worth it….he was awake most of the night, just listening for night sounds, like breaking glass…. I got up at 3am to potty and he yelled from his bedroom, is that you MOM? when I answered YES, he said, OK, just making sure another pipe hadn’t broken…. He sleeps with the overhead light on now.  If I turn it off, he wakes up.  I used to be like this … Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome Disorder … but when you get him to a doctor, all is well.  geeeezze.

I’m still trying to adapt to all the new meds given me by my new doctor.  I’ve not received the diabetic meter yet but am taking the med I was told to take.  Regarding two of the meds have caused letters be sent me by Wellcare saying they are not regulars so come next refill, I will need different ones.  No biggie right now.  Together, they are causing chronic sleepiness during the daytime also.  Maybe in a week or two, I’ll be past this serious need for sleep.  At least I am not in major pain mode but do seem to need to snack every few hours or have that feeling of serious falling sensation.  Dr said drink drink orange juice when I feel that way – it’s the diabetes acting up.  hummm, I have had this feeling before, prior to these meds.  It’s not a “ok” feeling…. I’ve actually fallen to the floor with it and blacked out.  I was only out for a few seconds.  I am really curious why no one picked up on diabetes before now?  they’ve hinted but … their meters didn’t secure a reading.  A PA at Parkland gave me a meter to do home testing and the Clinic guy who was supposed to hand out the test strips n such, got hateful, telling me HE was sure I wasn’t diabetic so he refused to refill my supply.  Then the re-qualify came around.  The office refused my computer printout of bank statement demanding I go to the bank and have them send via USPS the same statement I was handing them, and bring that to them.  Shocking as it is, this is the County Clinic that’s not supposed to turn anyone away, no matter what their ability to pay is.  Plus I would have to pay another parking fee to come back.  There was no excuse for that.  The County pharmacy refused to give me my BP meds too because I didn’t have the CoPay money cause I paid for parking.  I didn’t go back.  That all happened before I got the settlement from ExH.  I finally sold my Van to pay the house taxes.  THEN, just a few months later, I got the settlement money.  I had to laugh out loud when exH had the ER call me when he went in for emergency quad bipass and wanted ME to hold his hand cause he was scared…. naaaaaaaawh, I hung up the phone.  The love was gone … I felt like stone.

Back to the future and off to work.  If I had it all to do over …. well, that’s another chapter.


Have a good day, looks like rain here.


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