11/03/2012 Saturday

just trying to:



0just skipping along, singing my song, side by side … plans to work awhile, clean some, breath a lot … stop coughin…. COPD huh … told it is a lifetime thingy – want instructions on how to wash it out, am tired of this.  Dr laughed.  Didn’t tell her I’ve paid a few thousand dollars repainting inside the house to rid of exH’s cig smoke out or covered up.  Most repairmen I’ve found did as much damage around here as they fixed so I’m tredding water there.  It’s eating the IRA up fast.


After son moving all his toolboxes from open area where thieves can just walk up, into my closed yard area, there’s no room to walk around outdoors in the back temporarily.  It’s miserable looking but is another area that Code Compliance legally cannot walk in – there’s a serious locked/keyed entry IRON gate.  He’s rearranging stuff and has a nice canopy over the stuff.  Can barely see the three cooking smokers now.  My plan is to rebuild the sideyard shed and get all these toolboxes in there, in a covered area, but to find a construction crew who won’t rip me off or rob me while working is a feat!  I have to be healthier just to talk to them.  When they see how sick I am, they go away so happy …


The temps are back into chilly at night and days in mid to upper 80s without breeze.  Ride with the Mother Nature car = had mine washed to max yesterday.  Since Code fussed even if we rinsed it off at home which we’ve done only a couple of times in 6 months because of sap n knats.  It looked like I was driving a BUGMOBILE.   She gave me a good case of claustraphobia and I sure pay a lot of taxes to live here.  When I called the City about her, they told me it was out of the kindness of her heart that she got out of the car and talked to me – she was supposed to just write notices and stay in the car.  Nosy Code person couldn’t have seen anything if she’d stayed in car….nor could neighbor if she’d stayed at her own home is what I told the City.  All they could say at that point was “OH!” …


off to take that barrage of pills that will help me NOT cough, sneeze, puke, have a migraine, pee myself, n worse … I’m going to live awhile.  It’s GOD’s plan.  It’s my doctor’s plan I be able to get up, move around in some form of comfort and mobility.

If you think of it and have a moment, please say a prayer for my doctor’s longtime best girlfriend.  They found leukemia and rushed to put in a port, do chemo, and my doctor is very upset and concerned.

It’s going to be a good day … be well and be thankful, hug a puppy to know love!


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