11/01/2012 Thursday

Good morning world,

Last night was another rough one.  My son’s back was hurting so he was in a nasty mood, yelling, glaring, practically spitting at everything.  At least he didn’t hurt the dogs.  He did throw things into the kitchen from the den.  I went to find out what broke this time and he yelled at me that he did that because I wouldn’t leave him alone and I reminded him I was quietly in the livingroom.  I came because I heard something break… he is such a pain in the butt when his back is spasming.  He refuses to go to the ER saying he can’t afford it and I cannot afford all the things he breaks.  He has replaced windows but not much of anything else broken, like mirrors/doors.  He had to replace his cellphone costing $400 cause he thought he had ins and found he didn’t.  I’ve been checking on health ins for him but he won’t talk to me about it, just gets real quiet.  He yells if I push so what’s a mother to do?  He has a few people he listens to and will follow their advice but they’re not paying for his home…. I am.  I resent him listening to them.  Damage to my place isn’t funny and right now, it has hurt my feelings that the housekeeper I had coming made the comment that my house is falling apart… I had a repairman, Manuel, coming to repair, and my son calls that “luxury expenses” yet I find it necessary.  We argue like this.  I finally found out why he kept in touch with Lori – she’d put the title of the truck in her name (he’d given her the money so when her brother got the title for him, it would be paid for) instead of her giving the title to him!  She kept it as leverage to keep in touch and get HER car worked on real cheap.  What a nasty thing to do.  Well, she used sex too.  That didn’t help his back either.  I pray he doesn’t have a veneral disease.  I just found out about this.  He doesn’t lie, he just won’t tell me pertinent things I need to know.  I looked like a fool calling the Police to stop her from coming here in the middle of the night to get her car worked on, while he was saying his back hurt and he didn’t want to do it.  They told me he was dating her!  NOT … they argued with me.  Well, now he has the title.  I don’t think she has been back over here but he did throw a hugh fit when I asked him about that last meeting at a restaurant which lasted 8 hours.  He was tired.  He jumped up, threw his cellphone n broke an enormous mirror, scaring me.  Screaming that he got it, OK?  this is so much like the behavior I’ve seen from exHusband when he stayed out all night, supposedly with best friend’s girlfriend cause they’d had a fight and he was helping.  umhum … I’m the one disabled here but it looks to me like others need to be evaluated along the line of emotional stability and get on meds.  I hear her brother hates her.  She called all of son’s friends who reported back to him saying she wasn’t “satisfied” and wanted them to service her – no wonder he was angry.  BUT, no excuse to take it out on us.  If this type thing had happened to me, I would never have walked out and never looked back at her.  An attorney would be contacting her.  I would also be seeing a doctor.

This truck was broken into a couple of nights ago.  The perpetrator threw a tool box through a driver window.  Took tools, Garmin, radio, tore up the dash and more.  Lori had said she wanted the radio so I do suspect someone from her group.  Police were called and a report was made.  Serious damage was done.  A major alarm is now installed.  The neighbor’s hounds bark so much no one noticed a difference when prowlers were going around.  I have scheduled a nice man to build a gate besides the wooden fence so no one can come into our parking area so easily again…. This neighborhood gets hit at least twice a year like this, either in front or in back.  They always wear gloves but leave blood behind.  I don’t understand why they are not caught.  Noises were hear the next night too and Police showed up within minutes, no one was seen.  Wearing all black for sure n running fast I guess.  When they robbed us, it must have been more than one and some transportation cause they stole a lot.

Living here is getting VERY COSTLY with vandals, robberies, and kids just having fun.  The neighbors who do damage and don’t take responsibly have been a lot of my property damage.  The MVA in 2000 really slowed me down so I hire help just to keep up with housekeeping.  Lots of surgeries and still don’t feel well but I am alive.

God is with me daily and I say thank you.


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