Posted in November 2012

11/20/2012 Tuesday

My son was out back yesterday when Ms. White, the Code Compliance Iranian female came again.  She said someone had called in on us again for working on cars at our place.  Two days earlier, he had repaired his own, again.  He told her so.  She was referring to last Wednesday when 4312 Somerville Ave … Continue reading

11/11/2012 Sunday

Happy Veteran’s Day to all   Son hasn’t slept decent since his truck was broken into about a week ago.  It’s taking its toll on me.  He chased a biker the other night speeding around the neighborhood.  Biker wearing jammies… 10:45pm running down the alley with his dog not on a leash, well, no wonder the … Continue reading

11/03/2012 Saturday

just trying to:     just skipping along, singing my song, side by side … plans to work awhile, clean some, breath a lot … stop coughin…. COPD huh … told it is a lifetime thingy – want instructions on how to wash it out, am tired of this.  Dr laughed.  Didn’t tell her I’ve … Continue reading

11/01/2012 Thursday

Good morning world, Last night was another rough one.  My son’s back was hurting so he was in a nasty mood, yelling, glaring, practically spitting at everything.  At least he didn’t hurt the dogs.  He did throw things into the kitchen from the den.  I went to find out what broke this time and he … Continue reading