10/31/2012 Wednesday

Enough excitement for me …

Here it is, end of October 2012 and the same type of thieves have broken into
our cars AGAIN just to tear out the dash grabbing the radio, Garmin, and
anything else they could get. Tool box was used to knock out the window. The
truck was parked in our back parking area, behind a wooden privacy fence.

Seems to us that after every Code Compliance inspection, we see serious
robbery. Is anyone else seeing this same coincidence? hummmmm

installed some seriously LOUD safety measures now so if you hear alarms go off,
just dial 9-1-1 to come.

This invasion had to have at least two people
from what all they took from us. The load was heavy. They may have had a vehicle
to take it all off. No one seemed to have noticed them…. we wonder why not?
their entrance was from a paved alleyway that has bellowing dogs that bark at
just about everything, especially strangers walking around. We were trying to
calm down from the neighborhood kid’s mom who trespassed n called Code
Compliance just because she was nosey…. she has too many kids and didn’t do
such a good job curtailing them. I don’t babysit.

I’ve been overwhelmed
with squirrels and the sound I heard, I thought, was neighbors or squirrels. It
has been quite noisy around this area since this very large family moved in.

The next night, I heard weird sounds again and the 9-1-1 operator did
talk weird to me but I was very upset. He didn’t help a bit to calm me. The
Police did come very quickly and I was pleased about that. It’s regular
happenings for this area now yet the taxes keep going UP so I wish they’d catch
these ppl who always wear gloves and leave blood marks.

We’re getting
tired of buying new windows, radios, etc, just for someone else. I may have to
start shooting which I really don’t want to do.

Son moved his 3K LB tool chest into the back yard so there goes any nice looking yard area…. how sad…. I want to call the junk guy for the extra parts accidentally gotten n now not needed.  Sure.  That day will come.

Had to take a pass on an IC job offered to me.  I just can’t do it all.

New doctor meds are making a difference and are very helpful.

Got approved for the SafeLink phone and received it.  How nice.  Can rid myself of the Verizon bill of $50/mo and start paying more on the medical bills.  Hope I can get son to doctor for his back.  He’s been in such pain!  Not held down a reg job in nearly 2 years now.

Maybe later this year, 2013, can stop drawing from my IRA and start making progress.  It’s getting slim and I was getting worried.

I put some of my DVDs on eBay, hope to rake up some money but they don’t seem to make money for me like they do for others.  Must be some secret I don’t know about.

Frankenstorm has really done damage to a lot of area.  One of my pt jobs demanded I be available.  I’ve had to be very careful of working time so …

well, have a great day and be thankful of what you have.  Keep smiling!


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