10.27/2012 Thursday

G’d morning,


I was awakened to the metal sound that alarms everyone about 3:30am.  Got the 911 called and was looking for whoever is breaking the law at this unGodly hour.  My nerves are unhinged after this past week.  So many serious ups n downs.  I need just quiet.  Where’s John Wayne when you need him???  cops were here in 5 min flat!  in front of the house and said they’d alreay been around back looking and all was well, quiet, and clean.  No one lurking or doing anything.  The metal sound I heard accomplies a crow bar n pad lock or door being pried open.  The sound that only has a high pitch screech…. I hope they catch this band of thieves cause I am tired of being bothered by them.  Apparently that’s one of the things son was “feeling” last night when he stormed outta here with his gun cause he never left and came back inside a hour later proudly saying he’d found the wire that turned off his dome light when you lifted the door handle.  Then he ate his pizza and I went to sleep.  I’d also taken an antihistimine because my feet were spasming at that point.  I wish he’d drink sometimes – he lacks humor all-to-gether and I feel that’s just weird.  He had gotten so angry saying I was rambling – he gets tired of my voice after 4 min of my talking about anything…. it’s a generation gap thingy.  Someday, he’s going to miss me and regret being so blatantly rude.

Wendell, who works for the City of Dallas Parks Dept, is coming today, to help finish building the wood fence out back – this will stop anyone coming on my property unless they come thru a gate.  I plan on a noisy device for that with a possible remote entry.  Got it on eBay already.


I think I’m going back to bed cause I am sure God isn’t awake.  Only the devil would be out at this hour.  geeze, and it’s cold out there!  Glad I brought in the plants.  Verdel & the others ran out in the yard to potty but didn’t take long cause their feet felt the temperatures and missed their warm spot in the house.  They didn’t bark either.


Every year about this time or in November, criminals hit this neighborhood and car radios are not safe.  Dashes are torn to hell.  Gloves are always worn.  They have to have their Christmas too I guess.  It isn’t about the employment rate – cause I’ve been in this house 20 years and it’s the same.  I’d like to know when the group is going to get caught? or are they training their kids and aiming them here?


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