10/25/2012 Thursday

I’m still adjusting to my new meds (for the diabetes, high blood pressure and more that we will attend to later) and listening to my body talk back … heck … can’t say shut up, I’m needing to do things!

Son is achy/breaky in his moods – brought me a yummy couple of sopapias last night, then asked more info about the ins/doctors stuff I’d found to help him with his back pain.  I no sooner got the info out, n tried to turn on the sofa to get more comfy n he snapped at me to hush.  geezeee.  I snapped back before I could think about it.  I don’t need snappiness from a 38 yo kid.  Not sure if it is meds or I am just tired of this kid being so bullish.  It is my house and I do deserve R-E-S-P-E-C-T.  I just finished paying off his credit cleanup.  He’s really happy about that and being careful … some of mine that were written off have decided to try to come back on me, duhhhh? it’s got to be the economy, they’re all scared chitless, well, newsflash!  so are we!! there is nothing more I can do.  My income is locked in due to SSD.

Got tickets to go see the final episode of Twilight (tremendous discount since I am disabled) at a theatre close to us then read about a kidnapping there!  it’s a couple of miles from my house.  Geeze louise … no where is safe anymore.  That shopping center is lit up so well too!  Many ppl r getting robbed, mugged, etc and it used to be THE place to go for Christmas shopping but now, I don’t know.  The tickets are non-fundable and I got 2 at a great price!  Nov 15 at 10pm.  I’d planned Baskin-Robbins afterwards cause they’d be open.  hummmm … The movie is scheduled to be released on Nov 16 to the public so I caught a early release.

BamBam is still doing better each day.  She loves to sit on the porch and watch ppl go by.  Sight is a wonderful thing.  She thanks me often.  Love is something that’s hard to explain with words.  I do feel LOVE is a form of insanity but in the case of humans loving dogs, it’s a good thing… 0

We’re going for a ride in the Mercury today to see our fav doctor then maybe an ice cream to celebrate SEEING them … I’m having my eyes checked tomorrow with a new doctor since qualifying on Medicare.  It’s been 2 yrs since I did that so it’s time.  Been seeing blurry some, and wasn’t the BudLight!  I love to say “have a beer” but actually, I don’t polish off a 6pk in a month, but will do that in one day if it’s been horrible.  That’s my valium…. the “kids” will drink with me, they’re good furbabies and are overall, very healthy.


well, enough of what’s going on around here over the past few days ….

Have a good day, blessed with God’s white light.


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