10/13/2012 Saturday

It’s a dreary looking day in Dallas.  Trying to rain but it can’t make up it’s mind yet.  Very overcast with puffy cloud ranging from dark to light grey.  Maybe, just maybe, Mother Nature will water us today.  Summer was very hot and dry.  Rain is welcome around here before winter comes.

BamBam is coping well with her facial stitches.  I had to trick her into taking the pain med/antibiotic pill.  She’s so careful because it must taste awful.  She shook her head so hard yesterday, she nearly knocked herself out.  She is still wearing her plastic collar to keep her from tearing stitches accidentally.  Last night was a very emotional moment for me as she obviously said thank you for caring so much.  I just about cried.  All my other furbabies are asking if they’re next.  Bless their hearts, scared half outta their wits at just looking at her.  Almost enough to laugh but … when her hair regrows, she will be able to see so much better and the drops are making the glaucoma go away.  What a blessing to have found this eye doctor.  I didn’t do the liposuction on my stomach in order to save her sight – it’s a good tradeoff.  She really loves me for it.Image She’s the one on the left.  When this heals, we have plans to work on her ears so they’ll drain better…. the eye dr cleaned them really well while she was sedated and she’s so happy right now to be able to hear so clearly.  The smell is something I’d like to NOT smell but I don’t dare wash her yet.  I’m not wanting to cope with infection anywhere!  I’m feeding here tiny pieces of roast beef, cheese, potatoe, carrots, stuff like that and she’s loving it.  My others are sharing in the same meal plan so no one is being left out.  They just don’t get the meds.  My boy, Verdel, on the right, has one eye that is trying to glaucoma over so I do use the drops sometime on him.  Keeping vision clear is important.  Our sight is not something to play around with.


Son has decided to fix a lawnmower for cousin Janice.  The one who hurt my feeling so deeply last week for her own entertainment.  I don’t take time for gossipy crap which she’s spent a lot of time doing and it’s caused her more trouble than she realizes.  Some day she may wake up, but I’m not holding my breath.  I just hope I see my money come back to me where I paid for her car to get fixed.  I took money out of my IRA, nearly $500, when her car was stolen & wrecked really bad, so she could get the grandbaby to/from school.  We loaned her our only car and I drove the stinky truck till son could do what he could/shop could do, to get hers fixed.  They’ve not caught the girl yet. Janice keeps going to visit her son in jail so no wonder she has ppl robbing her and stealing things.  My Mercury is still in the shop getting front end work done.  Someday, I’ll have a real car of my own to drive in style again.  I look forward to the day.  It is a ’99 Grand Marquis, white with blue interior, fully loaded with all the luxuries.  It’s been there a couple of weeks now.

Well, off to rest time for me.  Need those afternoon naps.  Speaking of, I saw Adelaide Hart and Jean at the Kroger a few days ago.  Adelaide, now 95, is really gaining weight.  Jean, her daughter, is all puffy looking sickly.  I guess I look really young compared to them even though I am having blood pressure issues, LOL, and in comparison, I look thin for the first time in years.  I was almost speechless…. Adelaide said Jean was in poor health & throwing mean tantrums.  So what else is new?  She’s done this since a kid, she just hid them from adults…..

May our day be blessed … and the angels smile upon us.



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