10/11/2012 Thursday

It’s late afternoon here.  It’s been a hectic day.  Up early to get BamBam to the Veterinary Eye Institute where Dr John Warren worked on her face to save her sight.  The meds he had given me were helping but her facial structure had extra skin causing something similar to a swelling that prevented good sight and her cleaning her eyes well so … to help her as much as we could, some skin had to go.  I didn’t count stitches.  I had her in Allen TX just after 7AM.  Going up Central Expressway at 70mph was more than I had planned.  I was definitely ready for coffee when I got there and glad I didn’t drink any prior to getting in the car.  geezze, they’re crazy out there early in the mornings!  She snoozed most of the way, but I’m sure my BP was up by the time we arrived.  The surgery went well.  Lots of stitches.  The kind that have to be removed.  I take her back next week and again the week after.  They’re very careful with her.   I like that.  She was so glad for me to get there and recognized my voice by jumping on my shoulder and hugging my neck.  I got all misty eyed…. She went to sleep on my shoulder coming home and at 70mph it was ok till she fell off and I couldn’t lean around to check on her.  She whimpered some.  But no stitches were broken.  At the first chance to stop, I checked and put her back on my neck which made her happy.  At home, I gave her the first 1/4 tablet of pain killer.  She detests pills so that was difficult to get down her, even in cheese.  Dr Warren just called to check on her.  He’s such a kind man.  It’s so good to know he cares like this.  She’s in good hands.  Next on our agenda is the ear surgery to open up some area for better drainage.  Dr Shook will do that, then we’ll see how well the eye drops have been clearing the glaucoma from her eyes.  One eye has already shown such improvement that we’re sure she doesn’t need surgery on it and the other is still in jeopardy.


I’m exhausted and ready to go to bed now.  She’s had her pain med, eye drops, and all is well with the world.

Son is holding her while she coughs some.  That’s less than when we got home but still sounds scary….. rest now is what we all need.

May GOD watch over us and keep harm away.


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