10/05/2012 Friday

G’d morning to all,

It was off to the doctor for me yesterday. She complimented me heavily on looking so prim n fresh (?) said I was looking very healthy, then we got down to business. She’d missed her appt and thought I was coming in on the 9th instead. ok … her English is slow but we’re working with it. She increased my BP med and said she was concerned that no one had done this prior and she felt sure that had caused damage. hummm. She also gave me meds to stop the breakthru leaking, which sure made me happy & she said it is free to Medicaid patients (huh? I have Med B but what the heck). Nothing on the diahrea at this time except to watch my diet. I am to come back in two weeks. At the pharmacy, she covered all the side effects with me of the new med esp don’t take the two at the same time meaning Verapamil and this new one for BP or it’ll drop me too low and I’ll need the ER. Must be strong stuff. I feel good about this! May not need a beer! and my migraines may be less frequent! that’ll be great news…. I’ve had several doctors just TALK about doing this in the past but they didn’t seem to follow up well. Son isn’t sure how to understand all this and I hope isn’t going to be resentful … he wants to work to pay his bills and his back does spasm but other than Dr Raymond, Chiro, I can’t get him to see a MD about his medical issues due to reactions to meds/money. When he hurts real bad, he just throws tantrums till he gets too tired to move. Not good on my house … it will never look as good as when Mom & George were alive again. That saddens me greatly… I’m doing the best I can.  One step at a time.  When I came home from grocery shopping yesterday, the solar lights out front by the parkway had been kicked over again, broken some.  It has to be kids.  These are the expensive ones.  A neighbor from a few houses down was walking her enormous boxer, stopped by.  Cutest dog said hello to me n my furbabies.  She laughed real hard and watched as I picked up glass and put my unit back together as best as possible and she looked over her shoulder to the house I suspect as the culprit.  She knew which one was doing it too.  That same little girl who poked BamBam thru the fence is my thought.


I saw Adelaide, friend since I was 12yo, at Kroger yesterday.  She’s 95 now.  Her adopted DD is my age, has epilepsy since birth.  A looked pretty good.  Said DD wasn’t doing well and acting just like my son with the behavior.  Well, that’s not news to me since she’s done this all her life.  Even in JrHS.  A did her home work to put her on Honor Roll.  Very spoiled kid and my mom thought the world of her till she ran away from home as her parents split when she was about 14 or so.  A stayed in the house n he went to marry someone else.  The gal he wanted to marry died in the OR so he married the BF.  Very confusing for DD.  She ran off at 18, started with Boston.  Adelaide had a horrible time with her sending bills home for her to pay.  He didn’t help out a lot.  Adelaide stayed at my apt a lot, just to hide out for rest.  When DD came home, after two marriages and two kids, Adelaide quit visiting with me/talking much with me.  I sorta became an outcast.  At the store yesterday, she looked at me in such sadness and shame.  I almost didn’t know what to say.  I have never shown her disrepect although she has to me.  Her DD looked like hammer chit.


I guess I am a better survivor than I thought.


As I’ve said prior, my learning curves happened for a reason…. I listened to GOD’s messages to me and grew from them.  One might say, I tiptoe thru chit so it won’t stick to me cause IT’S EVERYWHERE/ IT’s EVERYWHERE.


Cousin’s car is still in the shop. They called yesterday and said it had issues but they’re still trying to get it safely to pass inspection.  As soon as they say they think it will, off it goes to her and I’m done.


No news on my Mercury yet.


The side effects are kicking in. I need pampering n the couch after a hot, lavender smelly bath n satin robe but what I WILL do is get another I9 done for work since we filled in too many places on the other one, take a package of meat back to Kroger that I bought on sale, started opening n found it sour, make all these calls, check on the Vet’s opinion of timing for BamBam’s surgery, check on the RollOut for work, THEN, maybe the lavender bath. I love the Roku, it waits for me … Bobbie won’t be grumpy at all – don’t just love a man who smiles when ya want him to? – I’m still watching Law&Order re-runs btw, that would be D’onofrio I am referring to …


Have a great day and be well … it’s too expensive to get sick.

(and the meds taste )


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