10/04/2012 Thursday

Life is so serious, we need more humor …
Janice threw a tantrum and cursed my son out because when she did a surprise visit here Sat and I was working a whole 3 hours, I couldn’t visit with her…. nor let her n the kid in to play with my dogs. I had 2 min to say that. She’d said “ok, I understand”, then went home to think it over. By the time she called son, a several hours later, the entire story changed and she went into hallucinations. He was dog tired from trying to figure out how to fix her back wheel that was so bent it wouldn’t pass inspection & had come in the house & fallen asleep. She didn’t call me. Yesterday, he said he found something he thought might be an adjust thingy and called a shop he thought MIGHT be able to correct the problem. Only another $55…. so I said let’s take it to them. I’ve been filling the car with gas while she had OUR car too.  Son has been commenting about how much running around she has been doing in our car and I had to say, I’ve not been asking her.  We loaned our car to her so she could get the kid to school n back since J says she cannot walk those blocks due to asthma.  J puffs a lot more than 2 per hour.  That is over-doing the RX but that’s up to her doctor.  Now, her car may be ready for inspection in a few days and I am more than ready to stop driving a stinky truck. My own Mercury may get outta the shop and ready to drive in a few day. That MGR still hasn’t found the paperwork where we paid nearly $300 for this to be fixed before. Seems the guy who did the work, did it off the records and pocketed the money. hummm. I can tell you he’s in for a surprise from his boss since it wouldn’t pass inspection …. now they’re doing it for free for me. We didn’t ask/nor be ugly about it.  Just stressed we wanted the car fixed so it would pass inspection.  That’s really nice of the owner. He remembers how the car looked two years ago and so he knows how much work son put into it since then. He wants to help us. May God be good to him for his kindness … As far as cousin goes, her car will be returned to her and exchanged ASAP, quietly, I hope. I don’t want to hear apologies. Family bugs me … I don’t go bonkers, I just leave in silence. jeeesssseeesssss
The City of Dallas hired a crew to trim alley way trees and now I have a scalped backway. It is hilarious. No way the Code Compliance Iranian woman can say a word. I talked to the trimmers about her trying to give me a Violation about it. They told me she couldn’t do that and I asked they tell their Manager she was threatening me, and I gave them my addr. They said they would as they nearly fell over laughing about her. I’m glad they got a good belly laugh cause she gave me a migraine. I don’t understand why so many ppl are demanding I get out of my house? It just makes me need more meds to manage the pain. My alleyway sure looks clean … and nekid. Son swept up after they left. If I had the money, this would be a wonderful time to call concrete ppl to lay the slab for the parking area. Well, everything in it’s own time. I spent on Janice instead, as I thought that was an emergency really appreciated, so, I was wrong. See? I am human. My dogs love/appreciate me …
I see my doctor today too. This is my second trip (1st time J went with me and nearly got me kicked out from her attitude. I talked my way into a nice visit meeting with this very intelligent new doctor, sending J to the car. She’s a Specialist in Heart area but on my Plan, is my M.D. Primary Care) I am going alone in the truck. whooopie
You all have a great day. My prayers are going out to those who need them. And jokes to all to make your day fun … we need innocent ones to lighten our loads!! go shake yer bootie or whatever ya wanta call it … before it hits the floor!


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