10/01/2012 Monday

G’d morning ev1

It’s still raining here in Dallas and the temps are still very cool … I may stay in bed till my one hour working this afternoon.

Yesterday, we just had a laid back type day till the sun set, then son went to check on his truck over all the noise coming from the alley, dogs bellowing from neighbor’s yard. Son’s back and hip had been spasming real bad.  We talked about him going to Parkland ER for treatment.  I heard Cory’s new gal yelling my name. No idea why they’ve started doing this. It’s not my hounds and we can go in our own back yard anytime we want … I may have to call the Police for disturbing the peace, on the hounds across the alleyway and Cory for yelling at us. Cory is the guy who refused to pay damages when his tree fell on my house a few years ago. He was too busy procreating the boys who have been stomping my flowers & breaking my fence for fun.  I’d tried to tell him about the sick tree, but he ignored taking care of it, instead he kept telling me they were using the “Cycle Method”, which had nothing to do with a tree danger… after it fell, I called the City asking how to FORCE him to do the right thing and was told I should have called PRIOR to the accident.  duhhh.  When I called the Police before it happened, they didn’t tell me that.  It would have helped to know the City could have forced him to do something to protect me PRIOR to having a tree crash on me which caused several thousand dollars damages …

Have a beautiful day and peaceful/profitable week.

May God walk with you.


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